Primer lovers
Dear men, able to charm a woman. Not many of my friends are not able to scare, not angry, not to lose. And it's so easy! Do not meddle in my panties, do not, just remember the color of my eyes, my features, hippie dating service a faint blush, the first confused greeting, shorts I take myself , believe me!
Do not whistle, they passed on the mind-boggling four-wheel torpedo. My dear, I will rush at you on it and fly away into the distance, and forget about me, so what the hell I need it ?! Do not be tempted expensive taverns and the sea of booze. In a hundred times more expensive and I need a glass of water, presented after a night of love.
No slips bought me - oh, I almost forgot! - Rose in the nearest kiosk is already dying because of others. Turn out there when I need it. Believe me, all the gifts the world can not replace me your help. Your attention. Your care. I do not fake (because otherwise might not give young bitch), and real.
Do not run away, otymev me, do not fall asleep, even before he could roll over on its side, do not put me the money "on the pin" because all this makes me a whore, which I am not. I do not have anything from you, hippie dating service except yourself, and if it can not give - get the hell out!
Do not tell me about the shortcomings of his wife, to which return every day twenty-three zero zero. Do not display photographs of their children, which rested in the resorts, as long as I blubbered, with a swollen nose and a void in the soul begins to realize that you have deceived me. Do not tell lies, do you hear, never tell lies, because everything can be seen, that's why it hurts twice. Do not do anything you are doing, always and everywhere, hear you ?! Give me a little of your respect and affection, and I will make you the happiest on this sinful earth.
Dimka never done anything like it. That's why I ran to him sincerely. Jerked across the road, hit the brakes so I stepped back, opened the door and do not let recover, rattled: "Sit down soon, I'm late, time to spare, are now noticeably, it is still on the road, come on, come on, what are late, climb same. " And I sat mesmerized and closed the door, but promised myself never to do. Then, when having fun, remembering the day he told me that he was carrying all sorts of nonsense, but I would not be turned away and disappeared from his life. Dashing racer he is, from the cradle behind the wheel, the car is beautiful, fast and strong. In five minutes we were at the cabin, where, in fact, I'm going. And, emerging out of the car to open the door for me, I tossed casually: "So six freed? I'll pick." I smiled to him - oh, how many were nimble in my lifetime - and forgotten. And about him, and about his promise, he plunged headlong into the fashionable colors of the season, haircuts, subtleties toning, and for dessert - a solarium.
I came out quiet, tired, in the style of new look, a word, a girl of indescribable beauty. Open the door, down the stairs ... Bah! Should my handsome, picturesquely leaning on the hood, wind ruffled her hair, eyes imps gold (oh, how I loved these imps, words can not convey, even now sometimes heart ached and they shimmer before my eyes, my glorious, extraordinary). And I understand that to be me today roadside whore, but I can not resist the magic of his sexuality entails, like a butterfly towards the light, come to the open door, smiling, but at the very heart pounding like mad, because all he seemed of silk gossip sheet, and smells of a hot arms, irregular breathing and moaning feverish. And - last chord - pulls off my seat scarlet rose and presents me. No fuss, does not - remember this, you are my lovely man - he presents it to me, and the touch of his fingers takes away the ability to think, reason and off hippie dating service.
At that first meeting, and then, and always, I wanted it and there was nothing more to desire. And now - it happens - suddenly fly up imps his eyes from the depths of consciousness, and the heat throughout the body, and I can not think of another. Naughty? Maybe. But, my God, you are my dear man, you can learn from my darling angel. My God, what are his hands! As he caressed me! No Never Been Kissed Piglet, no dimples forgotten, the whole skin, the whole body, eyes, hair, everything, everything, everything ... I was dying and raised with him, and he was always my dear, that for most of you will remain unknown. Oh, how easy it is to forgive all this! And he was able to use his power at the slightest disagreement dragging me to the bed, carpet, table, door jamb, chair around, where I could rule unchallenged, being both slave and master, knowing all my weaknesses and preferences, knowing all that I need before I realized this myself, absorbing passion of tears from my face and whispering in the ear is hot, all you wanted to say only love of his life - a woman.
And the wine hit me in the head, and chatter like a family, a decade person I know, and kind words, and send compliments, somehow did not seem to me to matter, when he spoke them. And while crazy, it started at a gallop, gone mad and disappeared, and the whole world has disappeared, leaving only the two of us and the aroma of his voice, that scent intoxicating, maddening, and I want to shout: "Long rather well, do not delay! ". And it is as if he did not have to, he enjoyed me, bathed in golden sparks of his eyes, wrapped up in silk words warmed the hands of the fire, and I was good as long gone as is a good woman, when she is hereby lover . There are men who are like us, there are even those we love, and the question, as well for us in bed with them, shrug and say that happiness is not in bed is constructed, you could ... be interrupted. And maybe we are right, but then, with him, with Dimitri, fend I did not have, because he owned a magic carnal love, owned and used skillfully.
He learned the woman does not like being reasonable and complete to come back, but he was fascinated by a woman in bed, and then, after the touch of a sheet of sweat on his forehead, and rhythmic tapping bedside backs against the wall, he was willing to accept all the originality of women. The only way. And nothing else. That is why the words and deeds of his warms the soul ... but not the heart. And then, and then, happy and I admired them, but did not love. And not love, as he wanted to. And he tried.
Twitched his first bastions of the fortress, and he thought ... somehow suddenly and unexpectedly for himself ... that maybe this is it, his fate. So he told me. And I believed him. Why not? I believed, but not loved. I loved the one who does not understand a damn thing in women, such as most of you about my wonderful man, the one who is erected me to the rank of Queen, then in a friendly slap on the shoulder, then I watched as the sworn enemy, then suddenly I fell down and prayed. So for these pupils are dilated with surprise and a dumb question in them, is it really so maybe she really can be so beautiful, and understanding, the awareness of the miracle and the silent cry of "Yes, it's a miracle, my miracle, my mirage, and , oh, it's beautiful! "That's why I loved him, admired for when ignorance, lack of understanding of worship when, without greed, without benefits for the truth in his eyes. Lovely, my noble knights and princes, I beseech you, be sincere, hippie dating service just be sincere!
There was no foreplay. There was no courtship. There were no expectations. It was all like a cheap movie. Bachelor apartment, "point", how often do you call it. This leads women to a single love. A minimum of furniture, set of clothes on duty, wine in the fridge and nightstand drawer full of condoms. And as if the eclipse came over me, as if blind, I have not seen this platitude, the emphasis is not seen, and maybe I forgot about morality, God knows, but she could not let him go and do not let go, because I needed right here, right now, and it could not be different. He gave me love, carnal love, the state of weightlessness, delight, forgetfulness, muscle cramps, infinity, sinking of the heart, is the life of the universe, insatiable desire to drink or quench their thirst. It lasted a long time. A very long time. I have lived several lives, dying and being reborn, dying and being reborn again. It was beautiful.
He left me, barely alive, preserving the remains lukewarm in my life and boundless gratitude, wiping his sweaty body with a wet towel, watered with water from the palm of your hand and warmed his body. But then again we had conversations we shared secret and telling about yourself, unconsciously shared life before and after. Once he admitted that he had taken for bored young lady, means rich uncle provides a comfortable life, but does not provide a means to fill the senses of the soul, that's why the lady is looking for adventure on the side. For a long time in his words betrayed a slight resentment that played with him as a boy. But I did not play. He was for me the land unexplored, undiscovered planet, being incomprehensible, and I studied him, recording observations in the journal memory, and everything could not understand what lies in his heart, the depth of these unforgettable blue eyes with a golden glow.
O my beautiful, former and future, we do not unpack on shelves, for it is impossible, it is impossible to know the day and night, sunrise and sunset, storm and style. Arrange all the ingredients you and do not ever understand how it all works, how to gather again as subdue, will never understand, but according to this leave us as is, admire and be horrified, love and hate, respect and despise. We deserve it.
There is no perfect relationship, and no, and committed people. Therefore worthy of worship to experience the full depth of the imperfection, but not cherstveyuschy. Admirable cheated but still believe in good. Worthy of respect not harden and is not covered by malice as a scab. Take a look around, just look around, you see people who survived a lot of grief and sorrow, every day struggling with adversity and ... and do not lose hope and faith. I hope that one day ... one day ... after many years ... they will find their happiness. Belief in the existence of love and reciprocity of friendship and loyalty, ephemeral concepts, and have not received definition. Dimitri reminded me that lives in me is my hope. We met in difficult times when my love was gone, leaving no trace, no tropinochke on which I would have gone on the edge of the world to find him there ... It was very hard. I'm just a little naughty girl who plays the adult independent lady. Day in all its 32 sparkling teeth, I smiled a smile on duty, and at night, gnawing the pillow and howl at the moon. I thought I had no one I could trust, it seemed that the only other people around me, only enemies and detractors, and a callous, selfish people, and help me, no one can. Giving himself the oath of dislike, so I was tormented even more, but gave me these strange torment, a painful pleasure hippie dating service.
What happened between us - the usual affair married in crisis men with smazlivenkoy silly girl, drummed into his head that suffered from unrequited love. Yes it is. But I never, with anyone, never had me so calm, happy and easy as with him. All our meeting consisted of discoveries. We both rediscovered tiny, imperceptible in daily life with joy, for which it is worth living ... for hours sitting on a park bench, watching the children play, feeding gulls on the beach and admiring the stains on the water from the fallen leaves. WHEELS night on the town, all the windows wide open, panting, intoxicated by the air joyously shouting the whole world about our overflowing energy, which nourishes us, Peter, wherever you are, wherever you go. Covers the first green trees, the sun's rays in a glass, water streams and the rustle of the rain outside the window, the starry sky, the cold granite Neva, all absorbed in himself, and could not quench their thirst. I blossomed in his eyes appeared shine zarozoveli cheeks, I was flying, I fluttered, and though never in love with him, just never forget. My angel, who returned me my Dall hope.
Men my dear, do not you ever wanted to experience similar? Is not it worth all this priceless range of feelings in order to shop your regular beloved and see Mamma Mia ... ... but her freckles! And a birthmark under her knee! And in the dream, she rolled into a ball and puts his fist under his head ... you suck as a child! And when you tease her, she blushes and funny wrinkles his nose ... Am I so naive that attach importance such nonsense? I do not believe, I do not want and will not believe that this is nonsense, because it is for the sake of it and to live, dammit! Believe me, my darling, the way to a woman's heart is not through your wallet, but through your heart, and only through the heart.
God, how he indulged me. Moved by my whims, my spontaneity, he called the children's purity of soul, my lips puffed bow - a phenomenon it a miracle, a miracle of which he is unworthy. A golden imps his bottomless eyes relieves fatigue, hunger, sickness, carried away all the problems. His eyes ... his eyes ... He showed me and taught me how a man can take care of a woman, without shocking, no rudeness, no desire to break, redo for themselves, turn into a plush toy, which was later thrown out as unnecessary. He raised the bar, and now you, my dear great man, we must try to reach that planochki, but I know you will, you can do it, you can do it. Your heart is capable.
We could be silent, but silent one, and then suddenly start talking at the same time ... and just laughed, because the words were the same. We called each other constantly to say "You know, it occurred to me ..." and puzzled pauses, because thoughts come, all the time agreed, and he looked younger, he pulled himself up, freshened became irresistible and beautiful in its irresistibility. And though he was and remained a womanizer, never, not once in all our meetings, I did not catch his glance followed a pretty figure, because he looked at me. We felt each other extraordinary creatures not of this world, and did not understand, unless there is on this sinful earth. And the children, stealing, running to the store to buy chocolate and ate it right there, packs and laughing.
Dima did not support me, he was not even support his own family, not that he is a man, but it gave me joy and hope ... oh, sorry, I repeat. And each of our meeting was not like the previous one, and each hour spent together, etched in my memory for a long time.
I was always with him was easy. What Dimitri was doing did not assume a permanent seat in the office, so was available at any time of day or night ... 01:00 ... it was a holy hour ... raced home in the family, so that only your heels sparkled. However, it did not last long. Later, when the relationship out of control and turned into a carnival, he spent the night at me constantly, even dragged somehow toothbrush, but that has been thrown out immediately brush. After a quarrel. Quarreled with him in our century had little joint, but if ... Oh, hold on, the Earth is now all spaced to hell! Gul was in my ears. It - still second, and the heart will crack surge, but Dima always catch the moment, and - never knew how and when - provided in his arms, cuddle and love ...
Ah, my dear man, you want to tame a woman - learn to love her. Not sublimely platonic and devilishly, carnally, of underground. Study it, learn all of its secrets, reveal the world of woven bodies, and let your friend looks at you bleary-eyed, shake ... and it's yours. And sculpt out of it then plasticine figures, because there is no force capable of opposing the most destructive force on earth - will.
It seems to me all this now strange and unreal. The other men around me. Those who know his worth, have reached the heights solid. But ... every time they find themselves in bed with them, I recall his Demetrius, a mad angel, and presents him next, and embarrassing me in front of her next admirer, but only skushen Presa and he in bed, even though attached to me as dog. Dima, Dima, that you did to me ...
I fully and consciously acknowledge their dependence before the laws of society. Each time, meeting interesting to me man on the way, I'm trying to answer a lot of questions, whose purpose - to determine the prospects of these relations. And not that I yearned to create a hearth with a nouveau-Prince, but an unhealthy sense of responsibility, offers a bedding on the internet on this website. not in front of him in front of others, does not give me rest and makes analyzing the prospects, potential, compatibility, all that dictates the society that is slowly but surely killing love, leaving only bitterness and resentment at herself for failing to feel thoughtlessly disabling the mind and doubt. Does he fit into my lifestyle, like you know, whether I liked his entourage, would not it be me later "excruciatingly painful" All these thoughts make me hide another discovery from prying eyes. Because otherwise I will have to respond to the monstrously vulgar and irrelevant questions, the answers to which I do not and never will be.
- Hello how are you? How is your doing? Do you meet with him?
- Thank you, everything is fine. Yes, I meet. He's all right.
- If so wonderful, what you do not live together? Uh, my friend, is something you do not negotiate.
- do not agree? You think? Maybe. Just answer me: life together - is a logical extension of any relationship?
- Sure.Why else do you meet? This is wrong, when the relationship does not develop.
- develop? Is it not time is required? What person you pleasant, does not mean that he immediately will be a good partner in life.
- Then you need to leave, if you're not sure in it.
Then I give in. Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe time to meet a man, I should just drag it into the house, down the aisle, anywhere where he will not run away and will obediently sit in a corner, like a clay figurine? But why is the well-wisher, tortured me with such commendable zeal and clearly well-intentioned, does not think, why did he (she) did not manage to create the "right" relationship in question? And so it easy? And is it possible? In my opinion, it would not be such a number of separations and divorces, had to find his true half would be so easy. Searching for the right time, in the awareness of the findings - too.
- How your ex? Appears?
- Yes
- You do not want to return to it?
- No, I do not want to
- And why? You're crazy about him?
- Yes, to me it is very expensive. But the pain with him harder for me than without him longing
- So you did not like him at all. If you love someone, all I just want to rush at him with his fists. How dare you tell me what I feel? Do you understand the power of the abyss of despair into which I dive? The pain that I feel? And there comes a point when you realize it was time to retreat.
- Your not called? You agreed to meet! How could he ?!
- Maybe he had his reasons.
- Lord, fool, what could be the reason? Yes, he'll prodinamila! And so you let you handle? Where is your lady's pride?
- Maybe you're right, and he tricked me. Perhaps he was in trouble. I dont know.But I want to hear it, before drawing conclusions.
- You decide. But if I were you, I would no longer communicate with him.
Ah, my dear friend, I would like to ask you, why do you continue to communicate with the person for whom your tears are the key to a good mood. And do not you trying to get me to do what she can not do?
And I have to juggle between their feelings and the advice of others. Hopefully, as the years come confidence, and I stop to listen to you, my dear-wishers. But as long as your attitude to the man with whom I meet, either directly or indirectly affect my actions, and often I stop the meeting because he was tired, or you resist it, my chosen one. He's too eager to tell me how to choose friends, how to handle them, they can be forgiven and what is not.
The appearance of Demetrius in my life caused a complete rejection from my friends and girlfriends. The fact that he was married, crossed out all his dignity once and for all. Calling slut girlfriend brought me to tears, and I was hiding from him for some time. While he has not appeared in my door with the words "We need to talk." We have to dot the i. So it seemed to us. He is married and has a strong family, and his incurable kobelizm never serve as a reason for divorce. I remember how he said: "If I go out of the family, not to whom and from whom." I do not know why, but I felt better Verily, a woman - being unpredictable. It seemed that I had to run away from him with all speed, and he, on the contrary, was the closest to me since the day .. His words pricked my feminine vanity, but I was grateful to him for his lack of lies for the truth without cheating, without false promises and empty hopes. That evening it cost me a couple of girlfriends, however, that I do not regret.
We created our own little world, where there were only two of us, and no one else, we enjoyed our privacy and did not demand more from each other. We talked a lot. It seemed that all our meetings were woven from the conversation. About everything. That does not often discuss the man and woman. About what sometimes not share even with a close friend. Many silent. The degree of intimacy, when words are not needed.
So after a few months and then our world began to crumble. I started to move away from him, and somehow suddenly became more important to him than anything else. He did not want to let me go, and he did everything to keep. That warmth and tenderness of the relationship that had been before, gave way to a whirlwind of emotions, unexpected actions, increased activity of my blue-eyed angel, and I did not could not grasp what it all is. Until then, until you told me that he wants to leave the family. Not from anyone. To whom. To me.
I was shocked by this statement and has not been able to recover. The last thing I thought about it: it was the last thing I need it. All I was waiting for Dimitri - is the preservation of our world with him, where it was possible to hide from the cares and tribulations of everyday life. Suddenly I realized that he was no longer in the evening rush home, but for me the breakfast in the morning and buy products. He called me so often that it seemed his voice fell silent in my ears. He felt it is important to know all about my friends, lifestyle, future plans, and I could not give it to him because he did not want to. To me, he was and remained a beautiful blue-eyed angel who gave me joy and pleasure.
After a while I got used already to the changes and began to find in them a special pleasure. Our world has grown to enormous proportions, flashed a new face, our incredible intimacy was broken, covered with an avalanche of events. His friends were mostly the same adventurers like himself, their view of life was radically different from the usual, listening to them was my pleasure with nothing comparable. I admire them, realizing that I could never go to their chosen path.
He even tried to pass on their shoulders the solution to my problems. I just do not have time to think, and he was next to no time to frown, and he appeared with a funny teddy watchdog, did not have time to get hungry, I already seated at beautifully served table: a miracle man. I wanted to spoil me, but I'm not amused, because we understand that it is their game, and the goal of the game - I. I tried to swing.
One hot summer day fell from angina, life is not sweet, angry, inflamed, barely alive. But I had it, my angel.Looked like my apartment on the flower, and a refrigerator was plenty of food and everything was littered with cassettes - that fairy did not miss - and dear to the heart of the note I found conceivable field, from which recovered quickly, surprisingly doctors. And at night he changed my clothes, because the fever much wrapped up and gave to drink tea with raspberry jam incessantly, and spoke to did not think I was about tearing pains in the throat. My dear, beloved man, I know it's not easy, I know you like your fairy only healthy and rosy, but I beg you, podnapryagites, and enjoy our boundless gratitude. Because we do not spoiled with attention and care, and give up all yourself instead. If only ... But lost knights, barely identify problems by providing ourselves to deal with befallen us difficulties, and then, on a white horse in a red raincoat, prancing and showing off, you come in again with your pitiful lie. But we forgive ... because I do not know how different.
For me it was a real shock when he told friends that he wanted to live with me. Until that moment it seemed to me that he just wants to keep me, do not let, do not let disappear. The case took a serious turn. And I thought: if I want to live with him. Society it was nice to me, but is it enough? No, I think. And first of all because I did not want to cause a divorce, I suddenly felt ashamed in front of his wife and daughter because they steal Demetrius in order to satisfy a whim, for easy carefree life, indulging his selfishness. Do not build happiness on someone else's misfortune, I'm sure this one hundred percent.
We were formed by two personalities, each with their own habits and principles often go against. Previously we did not have before any business. And now? .. In the Saturday afternoon in a big company, we grilled kebabs on the lake, the water was like fresh milk, the sun was shining brightly, we were enveloped the smell of fresh, juicy grass and pine needles, I came out of the lake, and he with a towel in his hands, I knelt and asked if I would marry him.
After a while we were able to restore the relationship, we both gave themselves time to think, and to the theme of this did not come back. We still easily and well together, we enjoyed the yellow leaves on the ground, early twilight, mulled wine and eternal rain outside the window. We went back to our wonderful, magical world of solitude and, as before, was carried through the night in the interviews and carnal love. until :
- Look, I have a strange feeling that these long nights and eternal darkness steal my spring forever, and I do not see the leaves on the trees and hear the birds. To me, you - my spring. And I want you to be with me forever. Please marry me.
- How can you say such things if your passport is stamped? Dima, you're a married man, you have a family and be responsible to it.
- I know. But for me, no sense everything that is not related to you. Please say yes.
- You know I can not. I do not want to be the cause of the suffering of others.
- But you're hurting me.
- You handle it, you're strong. Since talking about the family became the main theme. I was not interested and unpleasant. I began to avoid him. Gradually our meetings began to happen less often and take shorter. We did not swear, but the closeness was gone forever. On our last evening, he rushed up to me all disheveled, talking on the phone all night. I sat next to forgotten, not realizing what was happening. When asked what had happened, he chose his words for a long time and then said that the scam was revealed, and it is declared a federal wanted list. After the initial shock, I asked him to leave. We stood in the hallway and screaming at each other. He shouted that he did a lot for me, and expect help. I screamed, I do not want to be behind bars. And then he left, I closed the door and cried, huddled in a corner, crying, because I knew that we never see.
But I was wrong. I met him again by chance, thanks to the sharp-eyed friend. We both knew that the closeness was gone, but I read in his eyes, memory may be, I wanted to read it: Maybe it was a reflection of my memories: I do not regret what happened, because otherwise could not have. I am grateful to Demetrius for every minute that we spent together, for every smile that he gave me, for every touch, for everything that happened between us.
I want, my dear man, that you understand what the next man leaves a woman's life when her sincere interest in and unselfish deeds. It is not difficult to make a woman in love is much more difficult to maintain it is a feeling.
Well, now enough moralizing, coaching is finished, it's time to fight! amb-two amb-two! hippie dating service.

Briefly: the sexual revolution in the prudish Britain
Valentine's Day newspaper «The Sun» conducted a survey of its readers, which was attended by more than 5,000 people aged 16 to 60 years. Statistics struck explorers to the depths. It turns out that millions of Britons regularly sin of fornication vip dating service. In connection with this, the researchers had to work to dig up dirt on the British in order to find out some details about the rowdiness of the British nation.
The first results of a detailed survey revealed that Britons have become a nation of "immoral traitors", says «The Sun». Treason become a way of life for many men and women. For example, 40% of its ladies gentlemen changed an average of 6 times. One in four did it so often that it lost track of their love affair. In turn, the modern ladies do not differ good manners - in a quarter of respondents admitted infidelity ladies and 20% traitor make it so often that everything and I do not remember ...
Seven of the men who have an ongoing relationship at the moment are in a relationship with someone in third. Proud banner traitors above all keep their forties, they come on the heels young people aged from 25 to 29 years.
One-third of men said that infidelity is not "nothing" if they do not harm anyone, but only 50% of the number of these loyal citizens themselves are willing to wear the horns.
9% of respondents classified themselves as "bisexual vip dating service."
Only 20% of unfaithful men said that they fell in love in bed looking for fraud better than what they get at home. Basically insatiable British men want not "better" and "more". Half of those poor souls who manage to snatch a "home sex" on the strength of once a month, admitted that they used every opportunity to flirt .
Every tenth Englishwoman justify their betrayal to avenge the wrong husband or boyfriend.
Once again confirmed the fact that the woman changes the heart. The number of ladies, said that from a lover they get more attention, care and romance rather than from his regular partner, twice the number of men who genuinely imbued with their "left" partners. Many women have admitted that they have for their lovers deep feelings.
Only 16% of women, however, do not find anything wrong in intrigues. The number of men who believe that their treachery will not hurt anyone - twice.
"The saddest thing is that more and more British perceive sex as a sport, and almost did not connect it with the feelings and attitudes, - says the analyst of the newspaper« The Sun »Deidre Sanders. - More than a third of people who are married or have a steady partner, changed its second half. In his admitted infidelity 40% of men and 28% of women. "
"Compared with the results of the survey, which I spent in the 80s, this result is just incredible. Then only 11% of unfaithful men have admitted that their wives have changed more than 5 times. As to women, vip dating service the infidels among them was only 8%. The spread of genital infections in Britain gets out of control, and the family paid a hefty price for it. It seems to me that I hear in the depths of our society ticking bomb. "
The largest number of changes occur on the job. Permanent seats are dating airports and airplanes. Place for adultery is on and in the car, truck bodies and cabs, and even cemeteries.
Slot machines Jackpot In addition, the study found that men have for the life of an average of 14 sexual partners, while women - 11. However, about one in five Englishman tried sex with more than 20 partners still before they reached the age of thirty.
More than half of men and women have had the experience of disposable relationships. However, in family relationships all too not very quiet. The average couple has sex three times a week, and every fifth couple does this at least twice a day. Two-thirds of respondents believe that sex - the basis of relationships. 90% believe that for women it is as important as it is for men.
Poll newspaper «The Sun» irrevocably dispelled misconceptions all over the world that on the forehead of the inhabitants of Albion lit ticker: "No sex, I'm British." In addition to being very playful British hungry for sex, many are not alien experiments.
Every sixth Briton had sex with two women at the same time and about the same - with two men. 10% of Britons aged 25 to 60 years to change partners. Sodomy also been tried in their own skin every fifth participant in the survey.
8% of the British both sexes and all ages were having sex with friends purchased on the Internet vip dating service.
In general, whatever you say, and the sexual revolution in the prudish UK - there. I wonder what the results would show a similar survey in Russia? vip dating service.

Signs of cheating women
Why is it that my husband always know about all the latest? Are all deceived men just do not want to notice the obvious? But how can a man not realize that his wife's affair? Remember: You can not afford to learn about all the latest! Signs issuing betrayal of his wife, green couples dating service a lot. That's what you should pay attention if suspicions haunt.
If a woman changes, then:
· A hot dinner is not waiting for you on the table. My wife says that you can do to warm supper. And in general, it may prepare food for three days and she had absolutely no time at all times to stand at the stove.
· Is your wife with an unhealthy gleam in his eyes too often praises his colleague, coach or neighbor in the stairwell.
· Your wife has increased the number of business meetings and corporate events. At these meetings, she began to dress as something special. And have you noticed that the underwear she also picks up with special care. · When she comes home, if you live together, you will behave Online Time-indifferent or too-cute blame. And she is not interested, how was your day.
· It is no longer upset when you stay at work and can not go with her to leave, go to the movies. Suddenly she began to express a full understanding of your busy work.
· She began to buy fashionable clothes, watch her figure, her hair has changed, younger and even thrive.
· Replaced intimate wardrobe , new preference: panty-threads of linen instead of cotton and lace bra instead of sports topics.
· It "will appear" new or long-forgotten girlfriends with whom she will walk, etc. engaged in shopping Plus, more often than before, she calls up with her friends and meeting them dress up as a holiday green couples dating service.
· It periodically repeats, that is ashamed of you when it turns out to you in the same company. According to her, your jokes are flat, the jacket has long gone out of fashion, hair always disheveled and you sweat terribly.
And here, by the way, if you're wondering how to return the love of the girl then click on a link and carefully studying the strategy of rapprochement, the theme is super! So ... · participation trips, countryside and various business trips and fly away from home.
· Under various pretexts, she refuses to engage in sex with you referring to migraine, fatigue, malaise.
· It will have less time to spend with you. She began to visit what is ridiculous rates, clubs, fitness, etc. And talk and talk about them, it can not stop, because she knows that you are not interested.
· Turns Up Mobile and the receipt of the notification sms. It may even turn off vibrate. When the phone rings it will be - it will start to blush (if it is characteristic) and go somewhere else to talk to, "girlfriend", and then as carefully direct beauty and smarten up;
· It can stumble when pronouncing your name;
Significant signs of infidelity:
• SMS text messages, phone calls, constantly refined lists of incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Regular mute mobile phone when your presence + higher incidence of being in "dead zones" where you can not get through to her green couples dating service.
• Itemized calls - strong evidence, it will not, and guess what you saw 20 of her calls and the same SMS to a lover at lunchtime. Service detail provided by private detectives, tested the service on the Internet site of the agency can be called Homs.
• Pockets - yesterday's movie tickets, packages of contraceptives, guest card of one of the hotels and so on.
• Handbag - tubes with spermicide, contraceptive pills of different colors to spark Postinor nonoxynol.
• Arguments that the condoms must be in a handbag with the gas cartridges in case of attack unconvincing.
Take care and I wish that your suspicions are not justified! green couples dating service.

Men lie
"I do not remember it at all"
Men remember those with whom it was good regardless of the total number of their women. If he says this about his ex-wife, with whom he lived for 10 years and always spoke fondly - lying, herpes dating service can be of humanism or fear to awaken you to jealousy.
"Sex with her was, but I did not like"
This can be true only at the time of youthful hypersexuality. After the 24-25 male erection for more than selective. Average Moscow romance lasts 2.5 months, or - in other units - 6 times. And if they all turned out, it means that something in it after all it involves.
"I've been watching you for six months, you're madly in love"
Too many women, having cooled down, then remembered that familiar with some cavalier about three weeks. But experienced men know that it is almost impossible "overdo", telling the woman about what her feelings of strength test. So the right advice - in the heat of passion perceive it as a recognition of the music, and then mature them think. That is to divide all the statements in the forty-eight, and then take 15 more.
Women lie
"I cheated on you"
Vladimir Tripolski, a professor, a social psychologist, herpes dating service conducted a very revealing study. Every third Russian woman when at odds with her husband, admits his infidelities. Including non-existent and to humiliate him (insult).
"You're nothing in bed"
In the heat of an argument, many women begin to hit below the waist (not necessarily physically), and many say that he is in bed, nothing. And how much then they apologized and did not refer to the anger, the men do not forgive never. Pan on the head - it please, but sex - is sacred. By the way, the men in the heat of a dispute can also be said that "you do not attract me as a woman" - but unlike the men, the weaker sex it can either forgive or revenge (to find a lover) and then forget. From all these statements of course, it is better to abstain, replacing them with neutral, "you're acting like a goat" and "you broke my whole life." It proposed linen online at this site. At least in such passages are used to.
"Damn, your friend, I just eat the eyes herpes dating service"
between us girls, of course - is to fatten myself prices, especially in bed. Especially after five years of joint life. But it works, even on the most advanced sex - almost the only sphere where there lies salvation. herpes dating service.

As the smell regulates sexual behavior
Perhaps a person chooses a sexual partner by smell. Androstenone (Androstenone) - one of the most well-studied mammalian pheromones. Pheromones - a substance free dating service in michigan - external secretion products secreted by some species of animals and provide chemical communications between individuals of the same species. It was found that androstenone is a stimulator of sexual behavior in pigs, but his influence on people is not yet clear.
Vosskhall Leslie (Leslie Vosshall) neuroscientist at Rockefeller University in New York (Rockefeller University in New York) and his colleagues studied 400 people olfactory receptors. The researchers asked subjects to evaluate 66 different flavors of intensity and by how enjoyable each fragrance, including the scent of androstenone and evaluated.
For some people androstenone smells sweet as flowers or vanilla; for others it is an unpleasant smell like sweat or urine. But there are people who do not feel it at all. US neuroscientists have explained such a variety of genetic variations in the perception of olfactory receptor called OR7D4.
OR7D4 receptor showed the strongest response to androstenone and did not respond to other flavors. Blood samples were taken and determined the DNA sequence of each test. The analysis revealed two point mutations in olfactory receptor OR7D4, free dating service in michigan which cause two versions of the reaction of the olfactory receptors.
It turned out that people who have different variants of this receptor perceive the smell of androstenone in different ways. The group of participants with one version of the gene was perceived as an unpleasant odor, and on the other - on the contrary. But many do not perceive the odor of androstenone could.
Since some mammals androstenone is very important in determining sexual intercourse and social hierarchy, researchers need to understand whether the perception of this substance affect the sexual behavior at parties and other social activities. If so, what happens to people who can not obtain a chemical signal, because they have nonfunctioning gene? What happens to a person, if the receptor is extremely energetic work? What are the social and sexual implications of this perception or perception of androstenone impossibility?
These studies have shown how important it is for a man smells language that is used when communicating many insects and animals. free dating service in michigan.

How to punish a man for treason
So you assume that the man she loved was a connection, or on the side of the other woman, you suspect that he goes to the sex of the meeting. You might even believe that her husband got a mistress dating service for married people. He does not know that you are aware of these events, and you understand that to discuss the subject with him is not necessary. Do not you think this is the reason for the break in relations, but also to leave everything as is, without any attention from their part, too, can not. This is not to do. On the contrary, this impunity will lead to the fact that the attitude of your men to the other women will take the form of permissiveness.
First of all, you must understand that the punishment - is not causing pain in retaliation for his own. It worked out a line of your behavior that cause a man to doubt the correctness of their actions, make people think about you and your relationship with him. There are several ways to deal with the "rival" and his own zeal at the same time. I must say that the prohibition or incrimination - the results will not bring.
The first and most important way - to "love punishment" For many it is quite difficult in execution, but very effective.
Firstly, it helps to get rid of jealousy, because It is that you surround the elect attention, care, and all that he loves, and what is waiting for you. This will instill in ourselves the confidence that, dating service for married people while it is with you, my love gets everything that he needs, and your zeal weakens or disappears altogether. Yes, perhaps, superficially it would seem that your efforts go unnoticed, but believe me, it is not. Each of us is a pleasure when taking care of us and guess our desires.
Secondly, your caring and gentle demeanor makes a man think about what he is doing in relation to you and why. He begins to consider carefully and ponder what it is the other woman, if there is, you - can be the same sweet, kind and beautiful, but much more relatives and friends, knowing all his habits, understands it perfectly, has overcome together with him not one life difficult. He realizes that he is well with you, but at the same time, it is possible to lose if his party relationships suddenly become known to you. Such thoughts are very tortured man and hardship. As a result of this internal self-examination, he realizes that the relationship side are insignificant, problematic, and perhaps not necessary at all. But the motive for such a reflection would be just your warm and selfless attitude. When traditional hysterics, reproaches and caught in a lie, the man never for a moment thinks about it, but well see the difference between a woman and her controversial new passion, which may require him yet not as much as you. As a rule, the mistress can behave very carefully. And the head comes a completely different idea. Why did you tell him their problems, when there is someone to whom much more pleasant to be around.
The main thing to keep in mind that this method works only if and when your behavior towards the man - unselfish. You do not expect any return from him for this, for example, gratitude or evaluation of your efforts. Do not expect that he would rush to kiss your feet for what you are doing. You just bring him a gift of his feelings and his efforts. To give them a reason.
The process requires a lot of inner self-belief in their abilities, as well as a considerable amount of time. It does not help if you wait for instant results. If faith is not one hundred percent, if you are insecure in yourself - is a risk that this method does not work out. But if you doubt their abilities not - this is the most effective and powerful way to revive your senses in man dating service for married people. Equal to the energy there.
The second way - "punishment jealousy" A great opportunity not only to punish the "apostate", but also just a little to warm feelings cooled. I shall warn that this method is quite dangerous, but also very effective. Apply it is just making sure that the man gets to you all that it needs. He's jealous because he is afraid to lose, but if the relationship problems, fear of loss becomes smaller, and may not be at all. And another reason for jealousy, in this case, just add problems.
The main thing to know, punishing a man in this way, that the basis of jealousy must be just his imagination, but not the facts pointing to your infidelity or betrayal. If any, you just angry man, and even more to alienate him from himself. Suspicion should be born out of nowhere, opportunities to reproach you should not be. Ways to weight. Only on any question regarding your actions he should not be concrete answers.
The situation should be: the occasion is and what is not to blame, there is no evidence of treason. It makes their actions as much as possible to think out and guessing. Forcing it to ask questions, and answer in monosyllables, to make them even more. This will switch his attention to another woman for himself, but not directly, but gently and quietly without causing a sense of imposition.
To preserve the inner peace and strength necessary to understand and accept another quality, a gift from the nature of man. By its nature it is - a hunter and conqueror. And, occasionally, thirst amorous adventures takes the upper hand. In this respect, it is very similar to the domestic cat, which loves most satiety and affection. Yes, he goes for a walk and hunt the mice he needs it. He runs on someone else's backyard and dachas, but still always comes back to where consistently receives care. Being fed and caressed, dating service for married people it will always be at the feet of the hostess, will rub against them and growl. If we cease to take care of it, then one day he just did not come back with the next celebrations.
It is worth to try something new, get a vivid impression , experience great emotions and life adventures. But few of us looking at them permanence if the existing way of all suits. The main goal - just to have fun at the party. Therefore, it is not necessary to give a serious consideration to such frivolous things as entertainment. Let and dangerous, but still fun. dating service for married people.

Men look at women's sex appeal
Many women are concerned with the question: how to be sexy, how to seduce a man . In English the word «sex-appeal» means "sex appeal." That is the sex appeal - it's what attracts the opposite sex. That's all dating service in british columbia - not only the appearance but also gait, gestures, posture, voice, smell, gleam in his eyes. Sex appeal - that, if you will, a state of mind. And it may be that a woman dressed not trendy and not the most perfect figure, will attract crowds of fans, and the one whose will and slender body, and bright "packaging", and will be left alone.
A man chooses the woman who perceives his views, attitudes and other mikrosignaly select positive and not negative. And one that every gesture of courtship sees ridicule and humiliation, is not likely to be in demand for a long time. Because all its smallest gestures and movements, facial expressions, body as if to say, "Oh, come on, who I need ..." And the woman herself may not realize what mikrosignaly she sends men around her.
Eight signs of female sexuality
For men, a woman, especially a sexual object. Therefore, to be desired, it is necessary to be sexual. Consider the signs of sexuality.
1. Awareness of their own sexuality is akin to self-esteem. Woman themselves over sex, necessary and desirable to be such.
2. Sexy women love men and consider them good friends, flirt with them, and sincere sympathy to the muzhchinam- one of the secrets of their appeal.
3. Sexual women love their bodies and are happy with how they look, finding in themselves and their appearance only minor defects. Love for one's own body, perhaps another great secret of sex appeal.
4. Sexy women worry about sex and love him more than ordinary women dating service in british columbia. They no longer think of him and make love more often than others, but find their own sexual life satisfactory.
5. Sexy women differ ability to multiple orgasms. About three-quarters reach orgasm always or almost always. The ability to orgasm a positive effect on the feeling of a woman's own sexuality and how it responds to man.
6. Women who are considered sexy, are more liberal in bed (this is always assumed men) and become the initiators of sex, at least half of all cases, in contrast to ordinary women who are starting sex much less themselves.
7. Men say sexy women better in bed. But they also say it is too beautiful women do not always behave in bed as well as their more ordinary friend.
8. Women usually experience two kinds of fantasies - sexual and romantic. Sexy women often experience a romantic fantasy, not sexual. It was established that readers of romantic novels are sexier and get more pleasure from sex than those who do not read them.
The signals of sex appeal
The most profitable clothing for dating and flirting - this dress. Firstly, men do not wear dresses. All the sexy women said that for a first date with a man who is important to them, chose to dress. Almost all men think or dress very sexy or attractive enough. Business suits are not always suppress the sex appeal, especially today, when their style became freer. More than half of men are very sexy costume or pretty attractive. Men like soft touch fabric, they sensually attractive. Tight jeans, short skirts, tight-fitting suits and no bra attracts men.
Despite what some people think stood out under the clothes line pants repulsive, other men find them very sexy. The vast majority of men speak out against the free, "balahonistoy" clothing for women and against the padded shoulders.
It is noticed that at club parties Women in red, orange and white costumes evoke a greater sexual interest in men than women in blue, yellow. Women who want to be sexy, it is necessary to avoid wearing earthy tones. Most men do not like brown, green, pink, beige, tan color. Maybe men do not like women to brown and beige tones because of their traditionally worn by men.
Despite the fact that the yellow-green color appears to us the brightest and the most pleasing to the eyes, however, he sexually neutral and acts more soothing, as well as, however, blue and white dating service in british columbia.
But the amazing orange-black-and-white coloring butterflies gorgeous and, most importantly, sex appeal and looks on a woman's dress. In general, nature is not in vain tried, razukrashivaya its creation. Women who want to combat the men on the spot, it may be advisable to pay particular attention to the variety and combination of natural colors, such as flowers, honey plants, which are so eager bee ... As for the designs and drawings of clothing, the most sexually attractive looks and rounded shapes floral motifs. So, it turned out that the men particularly excite patterns in the form of rings. Required Company registration in a safe and inexpensive justice center? Jur. Center registers bank of the Neva Ltd. for 1890 rubles. The best offer in St. Peterbuge. But the drawings "stripes", "polka dots", sharp needle-like shapes should be avoided - a sharp pulse signal from the brain are annoying, but not exciting.
Although most men find women with excess weight over 25 kg unattractive, in reality women are major partners. "Dress like fat men" just deadly for sex appeal, and large women need to dress to emphasize the attractive and to reduce to a minimum its own weight.)
Shoes - the object of sexuality that many women underestimate. But shoes can transmit strong sexual impulses. Stylish, trendy heel, which was chasing a woman does not make any impression on men. Impressed them most of all shoes-studs. The most sexy shoes are high-heeled shoes because the heels visually "reduce" the size of his feet and change gait, making it more sexy. Tight shoes and shoes with open nose or deep elongated, narrow sharp nose very sexy. Enhance sex appeal and bright colors of shoes. For example, red patent leather shoes.
High-heeled shoes "extend" their feet. But only up to a height of 7 cm heel. The higher the heel creates the opposite impression. Men care about black lace underwear, leaving most of the female body undisguised. Judging by the polls, lingerie is the exactly the clothes that perfectly understand men. All of them confessed to love stockings and belts, and individual representatives maddening black stockings with an arrow.
Stockings and tights flesh-colored "shorten" legs. Lengthens as their black stockings, they look more attractive legs. The most sexy hair is soft, and free flying. Too neat haircut reduces sexuality. Men like long wavy hair, they prefer blondes.
Makeup makes a woman brighter, and people better remember it. However, men believe that too much makeup on the face of a woman pushes, and prefer that the woman looked as if she almost made up. Half of the men like it when women do not painted.
Men are categorically against multi-ton foundation ("Then it seems that women are not from the neck of the person ..."), circled in black circle eyes and brows, blending smoothly into the ears. Some interviewees thought that would be able to notice the red lipstick and still consider it sexual. And no one comes to the delight of "vampire" makeup (pale face, parched lips, black eyes). Manicure? Most of the respondents came in bewilderment: "Just to tidy hands" ... wishes were expressed: a) not to grow too long fingernails; b) does not paint them in extravagant colors;
All men admit that they will certainly pay attention to the "nice-smelling woman." As well as try to stay away from those who smacks later. If a man treat a woman like a friend and not take her sexually, she needed to revise their signals and change them as it signals the men reported that they do not need it. In this case, it needs to act more feminine, to represent themselves a potential partner, to go to places where the most likely to meet . We must try to meet with men and to develop the skills of conversation and flirtation.
Sexy woman is moving slowly, she did not care how she sits, walks, talks, and she will not behave awkward or clumsy. Sexy gait different confidence and can become an erotic tool. Women do not enjoy the benefits given to her femininity in order to learn how to beautifully and correctly move, it loses much of sex appeal dating service in british columbia.
Nonsexual gait: wide-set legs, feet are placed far apart to walking was more bezopasnoy- When walking the feet are placed at a distance of 7-14 cm from each other, that's fine. But putting them closer to each other, can strengthen their own sexuality. Notice how walking mannequins: the impression is that the foot - on the same line. In order to "measure" their gait, loose enough to walk, soaking the foot: print "wet" trail is suitable for measuring the deflection of the axis of movement. High heels are sexy flat shoes, because when walking in high heels walk in women occur some changes and it moves not so free, and it is connected with the subtle shades of "stiffness and embarrassment." Sexy woman sitting relaxed, loose, relaxed, and at the same time full of self-esteem. It is also usually closer to men than women non-sexual.
There are many pleasant small movements - the crossing of the legs, the removal of the shoes with other people - and they all point to sexuality. Women, from which comes a lot of physical signals, much more attracted to men at parties and other social situations.
Body language works mostly unconsciously, and because a woman is difficult to manage, if it does not learn to control the body language by means of opposites. Knowing what she was doing to push a man, she would be able to alter these gestures to draw him to her. Any woman that can speak the language of the body "no" can learn to speak their behavior "yes." dating service in british columbia.

15 tips that you did not leave the beloved
1. Do not be object of constant irritation of his men. If this happens, first of all, find out the cause of irritation men. If the cause is household stuff or your bad habit, try to regroup, houston dating service especially if it relates to the shortcomings of your upbringing.
2. Do not fall into the role of servant and his men do not do it with meaning of his life. Do not try to please everyone, or to give, especially if the man is not right. It may just like it the first time. In the future he will get used to you not to be considered in all respects.
3. Do not be totally dependent on her man (in Vol. H. And financially). Have always able to escape or to be independent. A man should keep in mind the possibility of losing you.
4. Be a good housewife. If you do not consider yourself as such be sure to learn it. The man appreciates a woman primarily as a homemaker and a good housewife.
5. Be interested in the affairs and problems of his men. Talk in business style, without unnecessary emotions and morals. A man will appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you the problems. Your relationship will be much stronger if a man will treat you not only as a beloved woman, but as a friend.
6. Trust the man the money (if you are without pathologies). Do not demand that he gave you everything to the penny. It degrades man. Never allow yourself to search his pockets. Remember the strongest relationships are built on honesty and trust houston dating service.
7. Do not start a scandal over trifles, try not to cut, not raised as a man child. In this respect nothing but rudeness in your address you will not hear. 8. Fight with their addictions. The man, he has a bunch of bad habits to respect women primarily femininity and tenderness.
9. Watch out for themselves in all respects. Maintain your fitness. Remember, if you spit on their looks, thus you spit on your favorite.
10. Do not be afraid to be candid and active in sex. Most men tend to meet not only themselves but also women.
11. If you changed the beloved man (husband) do not throw a fit, but do not pretend you do not care. Try to understand the reason. If this is a temporary craze (man hunter by nature, it is inherent by nature itself) talk to him (sometimes sharply). Make it clear to the man that you are humiliated and hurt him badly, but he did not retaliate in kind. If a man cherishes you, he will try to do it again. If this is a signal that your house is not all right (what a man can not find at home, he tries to make up on the side) Try to understand and correct the situation.
12. Do not abuse the man for his passion (if there's no pathology). If his hobbies you're not interested, at least not annoying and take it easy.
13. Do not be afraid to bring your man in the affairs of the kitchen houston dating service. Knowing how to do it and how much it takes time and effort the man will appreciate you more.
14. Keep up strongly in the educational level of his men. Men are more appreciate smart women.
15. Be aware of these women are real men do not go away! houston dating service.

French women love sexy lingerie
French approximately three fold for more often than Englishwoman use sexy clothes or beautiful lingerie to please their partners - they know how to seduce a man latin dating service. Residents of Albion is primarily concerned about their comfort.
A study conducted by the French company La Redoute, selling fashionable clothes and underwear, confirmed the reputation of the famous French women. Almost every third woman said that she likes to wear beautiful lingerie that looks sexy and alluring. French women are more likely than others drop in the lingerie store.
Cheap Stikine can be purchased directly from the manufacturer: Dress "for anyone" under only one in ten English. This 5% of respondents said that they are choosing lingerie, thinking about your partner . Three-quarters of respondents said they prefer anything "convenient and simple".
Beautiful clothes - a real gift for those who love
Beautifully packaged and lovingly decorated gift arouses interest and causes pleasant emotions.
Always nice to receive a gift from a loved one, and doubly pleased to receive confirmation of the sincerity of feelings in the form of beautiful lingerie. Sexy Lingerie, a gift your loved one emphasizes what you think about it and try to make it nice latin dating service.
If a loved one gives you erotic lingerie, whether body, panties, poyasochek, bra, garter and stockings, it means that he thinks of you. Such gifts will make your life more interesting and exciting, and feelings will give a new charm.
Almost 40% of women trying to put on the erotic or beautiful lingerie is the aim of seducing men c. Almost a third of the men making gifts of beautiful intimate lingerie to their beloveds. Needless to govort that these men deserve sincere compliments . Of course, if you are unfamiliar, such gifts are inappropriate. But if you are close and the like, such a gift will be pleasant woman.
There is a large selection of erotic lingerie for all tastes: black product with rivets for fans of thrills for the refined - a fascinating lace underwear for temperamental women - red lacquer ware, etc.. Corsets, support bras, girdles, garters and cute panties and many more what. Lingerie created to seduce men. Sexy lingerie lets take a fresh look at the love games . latin dating service.

His erogenous zones
Come feasible brief "tour" of the male body, denote and evaluate its most sensitive points on 10-point scale, where 10 points - the most active erogenous zone wealthy bachelor dating service.
Of course, very sensitive lips and tongue (from 5 to 7 points). That is why with kisses - light and delicate or deep and fire - begins each foreplay. But no less (and in some cases even more) are sensitive ears, the lobes, the skin behind the ears (8 points). And if at the same time kissing and gently biting his earlobe, you proshepchesh his ear pleasant nonsense, the effect of your caresses increase. With great success can caress her eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes (7 points). And if you run your hands in his hair and be gentle to touch the hair at the nape (5 points), he blinked at the pleasure, like a cat, whom the mistress strokes.
The skin of the neck, especially the back (5 points), is sensitive to kissing, touching and stroking. Just do not touch the man with his fingertips and "claws." From these gentle touches he will only tickles. Use your fingertips and palm, touching is strong enough not to cause an attack of tickling. This rule, incidentally, applies to all areas of the body.
Not only that, stroking hairy (to a greater or lesser extent) the male breast itself is exciting. Reach his nipples. Of course, they are not as sensitive as women. But caress their tongue or hand covering, "go", like small beads (7 points). The nipples harden, and the man begins to breathe more often. This means that your caress does not pass for him in vain wealthy bachelor dating service.
The back, buttocks,
Great if you spend nails or fingers on the back, along the spine - it's nice. But even nicer, if you work on "cat's place" (8 points) - the sensitive area between the shoulder blades. You can kiss, lick or bite - it's your business. With his buttocks (7 points) are not particularly bill and coo: patted, a little pinch. It tones and invigorates. Squeeze the buttocks to the abdomen, lower back - it will be ecstatic. As you probably noticed, to kindle the fire of passion in a man can be, even without touching the penis.
In general, sexually unremarkable part of the body. However, stroking from top to bottom - from the navel to the pubic area, where you can linger for a few moments - enhance arousal. A kiss in the navel (6 points) - exacerbate feelings.
Hands and feet
Be sure to slide your finger or the tongue between the fingers of his hands (4 points). Never mind that the activity of these erogenous zones is low, without the stimulation of caresses are inferior. May not be hidden from you, no sensitive portion of his body. Even the popliteal fossa (7 points) and tibia (5 points). Gentle touch to these sites will lead a man to a state close to nirvana wealthy bachelor dating service.
Intimate authorities
Scrotum and penis, of course, the most sensitive erogenous zones. Gently massage the area (9 points) can cause quick erection. Stroking with penis sliding the foreskin up and down - one of the most enjoyable and quite active modes of excitation. Can you firmly, but not tightly embrace the penis with his hand, but you can embrace it only with your fingers (enclosing the penis in the ring). Some men like it when a woman stroking the penis from the bottom up - from the scrotum to the head. And, of course, delighted with the petting tongue. Above all, sensitive to caresses the head of the penis (10 points). Caress head hands, lips and tongue, but only very gently.
In general, set himself the task to collect as many points, even if you're not sure that everything is done correctly. Soon you will know that he really likes and what not to make any impression. By the way, it is possible to ask him, purred in your ear: "So okay? But it? Maybe like this?" wealthy bachelor dating service.

Gestures of seduction
Have you thought about what the correct reading gesture person can give more information than words dating service malta...
As you know, men and women enjoy a whole range of gestures in courtship. Some of these gestures are clear openly, while others, secret, hidden from prying eyes. Most gestures is done unconsciously, purely reflex.
The success of any man in his sexual relations with the opposite sex depends on its ability to send signals of courtship and correctly identify those who were sent to him. Women are very sensitive to these gestures, they are generally characterized by high sensitivity to all the gestures of body language. Men on the contrary, less sensitive, they sometimes do not notice anything at all.
You're probably wondering what exactly is the gestures, signals, facial expressions people use to show their interest towards the opposite sex. Please note that it will be a primarily about women's signals and facial expressions than of male. Why is that? Yes, women have a more advanced and sophisticated range of techniques of courtship and attraction to him. There are common gestures and postures, both for men and for women. This preening, as amended, and the hairstyles and clothing, and an extended look languid lowered eyelashes and so on. D. In the excited state indicate eyes dilated pupils and the appearance of blush on the cheeks dating service malta.
Gestures and signals, which are used in courtship male
Often quite unconsciously, automatically clean man begins to "smarten up" at the sight of him popular with women, the attention which it wants to attract. He straightens up, somewhere lost bags under the eyes, abdomen drawn, straightened his shoulders, there is an easy sport gait, eyes light up, the man just seems younger. In addition to these automatic reactions, he does the following: stroking her hair, straightens his tie, straightens his jacket and so on.. All this is done to look more attractive.
Sometimes sexually aggressive men use this gesture laying the thumbs in his belt to accentuate the genital area. However, nowadays it is not so often used. Extended body and sock feet towards women are also svideetlstvom interest in it. As for when a man is posing with hands on hips, it is more like a "Who's the Boss!".
Book a room in Moscow Hotel Izmailovo gestures and postures used by women to lure men
Women also use the gesture laying the thumbs in his belt, and slit pockets for skirts, pants. This posture women express sexually aggressive mood. But note that, on the contrary, exhibiting thumbs out of the pockets points to the superiority, inaccessibility and alienation.
Shaking hair. A woman makes a move his head to tilt the hair off the face, especially if they are long. Also to lure it can simply hand recline hair. Some girls make this gesture slow and sexy. And if the hair is really very beautiful, then why not stress?
Demonstrating his wrist. The area of the wrist at the woman has always been considered one of the erogenous zones. When a woman is interested in a man, as a sex partner, she will try to keep the hands and wrists in his field of vision. Women smokers there is no difficulty demonstrating that invocatory gesture during smoking.
Spaced legs. Woman puts legs a little wider when talking to her man interested. And it does not depend on whether it is sitting or standing. Conversely, a woman who takes a defensive stance on sexual desires men compress or cross-legged. When a woman is very excited, trying to hide their condition, it can also compress or cross your legs. Therefore also need to watch her facial expressions.
Swinging her hips. When she shakes her hips more specifically, they played, emphasizing the advantages that attract male gaze - in front of you seductress. So you know! It is important to note that the woman does not want to have sex with a man takes barricade pose with arms crossed tightly clenched and feet.
Looking sideways, "sneak." Often women are lured men peek, casually waiting for him to notice her attention to him. Once the man noticed that he was watching a woman, the female, immediately removes his gaze to the side dating service malta. True, men like a peeping, especially if it makes a cute stranger. From this gesture to lure a man may even sexually aroused.
Mouth slightly open. This gesture is very sexy, because it reminds female labia. It makes a woman very sexually attractive and desirable.
Stroking any object of cylindrical shape. Stroking any object, such as the rim of the glass is fully conscious allusion to the fact that the woman's mind. This gesture is often used by women in certain occupations "Soviet" films. And in general, the film is very good gestures shown that use women to entice.
The manner of women crossing the legs. Bending the knee, leg tucked under the other, hanging freely, and pointing toward the bent knee of the man to whom a woman showing increased interest, it thereby demonstrates the freedom of communication. And coquettishly showing her knees, as if to invite a man to show erotic initiative. When a woman sits with both feet tucked under her knees and exposing such a free position is evidence that she invites a man to take more decisive action. How coquettish lure ladies used this pose for a hint of sex man.
For centuries women have mastered a lot of other baits, among them such as slow zakidyvanie foot to the front-faced man, slow return leg in the original position, stroking thighs arm, indicating that the desire to feel his hands on them men. Often this becomes a woman's voice speaking in a low, throaty. This woman clearly shows that the man took the initiative in their hands.
There is a so-called sex-zone, to enter the women can afford only those men which nourish the trust and favor. The distance of this zone is up to 50 cm. If the invasion of sex-zone meets a woman in terms of verbal positive, then the man can take more decisive action.
In any case, observation will help you, men, to better understand the reactions of women, dating service malta their goodwill towards you, or vice versa, unfavorably. Alas, there's no getting around it.
Good luck in the search for the one and only! dating service malta.

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