What sexual potential in your mistress?
If you want to know what your lover in bed, it is not necessary to drag it there, first nations dating service simply take a clean sheet of paper and a set of colored pencils or markers.
Driving your actions hideously banal: you ask your "princess" to draw a portrait of the beloved, kiss the beauty in the nose, and hurried to the kitchen to cook retiruetes coffee. On puzzled question "sorbet of your heart" about why you need it, say a grace accustomed to give away compliments of Don Juan: "Honey, this is a little gift for me. Looking at your picture, I'll be 24 hours a day to remember you, my love! .. ".
However, you can do without cheap lyrics and no need to lie. Tell a girl that de can be determined by the drawing of human sexual potential. Women - being very curious, and each of them horror as you want to know the intimate details about themselves, about you, about your neighbors and neighbors of your friends. And the sexual lives of their friends and lovers, it has long been knows everything.
After a pretty joyful squeal inform you of the completion of the creative process, do not forget to say enthusiastically compliment its high artistic abilities. After giving away compliments stage can proceed to the interpretation of "cloth" first nations dating service.
First of all, pay attention to how is the man in the picture. Most women with normal sexual depicts a man standing. Any other posture creates the likelihood that - attention! - The Lady inclined to your wildest fantasies rather intimate nature.
Erotica - not only liberated naked girls in the first place - it is art. Women who do not have outstanding imagination in bed, draw "flat" a man from the front. More emotionally and sexually active women tend to try to make a drawing three-dimensional. Also note how the man openly drawn. Women with no abnormalities in the intimate sphere or draw excited penis or nameknt its easy availability of "flourish".
If a woman avoids drawing male genitals - down the drain! So she's a certain degree of negative attitude towards sex in general, or even fear of sexual intercourse. Sluggish, unexcited member of the figure - also a bleak sign. Photo Rally Russia: Beautiful Crimea support can be assumed that this girl has a lot of experience unsatisfactory or unpleasant to her sex. Wrap on a mustache and try to change its ideas about sexual games!
If you did not manage to retire, and the desire to observe the beauty portraying prevailed over the desire to sip aromatic coffee break, try admiration, awe viewing sculpture modeled facial features of your girlfriend ... switch to monitor the sequence of drawing the male body.
If the pattern begins with your lover's head, rejoice - this is a sign of excellent female temperament first nations dating service. If at first appear the hands or feet - it is an indication that your the Lady quite sociable, but can be windy and, forgive my frankness, easily shift dresses can be moved from one bed to bed of another man.
Woman drawing a shape, starting with the genitals, probably has a habit to build all the relationships and contacts with people on the basis of sex. Sex dating - is that it sometimes may be interested. However, this figure may mean disregard for the feelings of a partner - sex the woman takes care only about their own pleasure.
A hundred times better if you offered as a girl, not improvised markers and pencils. For the thickness of lines can be used to judge about her sexual requests, that is what the men of her suit, and what not. first nations dating service.

The British have made a rating of readily available girls
The sexual revolution has so far stepped in Britain, which is now the local gentlemen enough to know the name of the girl that will most likely determine its availability in terms of sex. By the way, the leader in this area is a female name Kelly. Dating, flirting and sex - all this can be done quickly, if you know with whom.
British website OnePoll.com surveyed thousands of men that holders of a name ready to go to bed after the first date. The organizer of the survey, John Sewell believes that many of the names have hidden subtext. "Men have met with women wearing a specific name, and they have good memories of this experience.. I found a pretty good site with questions and answers to them. However, it is probably bad news for those who are called Kelly "- said John Sewell .;
According to the British, the most accessible women are those who call Kelly christian dating service. Slightly less liberated feel Tanya and Deborah.
To have sex with Becky and Stephanie, will have to make much more effort. Although the British especially do not complain and think that the extra five minutes spent on the compliments and smiles are worth. Michelle, Tina and Lisa are also quite open to free communication and the rapid development of relations .
Completing the top ten most affordable women, according to the British site, the happy owner of the Karl and Nicky.
How to seduce a man?
A similar survey was conducted among women. They chose men who, according to them, try as quickly as possible to start with girls most intimate relationships. As a result of the revelations of thousands of the fairer sex it was found that the most impatient and stubborn men are named Li, Dave and Andy. Closes ten male name Ben. That's who is usually unobtrusive guy and prefers before to arrange for sex with a woman to go to the movies, a restaurant and even a walk in the moonlight. Is it any wonder, "How to win a man?" christian dating service.

Love the points
The first point
Please do not confuse love with passion, or God forbid, sympathy. Passion - is much more superficial and fleeting than love, but it is much easier to achieve, but we need a long-term effect, the effect of this feeling dating service and utah. In the same affection is nothing wrong, of course not. But it is a miserable Chinese fake strong feelings. So, first of all, clearly understand its purpose. The path to it is not full of ease, the chief temptation - to stray from the path of truth and go after an easier target - seducing men, for example. Nobody says that it is bad, and after that love is impossible. Not at all. But when the goal is clear, it is much easier to achieve.
Item Two
The conditioned reflex - powerful stuff, even Pavlov proved. Forgive me, man, but to develop such a conditioned reflex have at your appearance - effectively. Let get used to you, and this habit should be lit only pleasant moments. Save your complexities and differences "for later", a man in love is much easier for them to survive. This is the way, for his own good. Yes, of care. In the case of reflex generating positive emotions when caring for your appearance the man plays an important role. Easy to please a man. Let's bothering him tired and experience. Accustomed to the fact that you're so good, he has to get used to the fact that you're around. For men, it triggers a bunch of thoughts: she is near, so now I will be fine. So, this is the first level of complexity. Second level: it is not a bunch of - I feel bad, clearly follows from the first, if you were good enough, and - attention! - I was often quite close to him. Love - it's the same habit, as it is sung in a popular song once, and are accustomed to see you around, he will experience considerable discomfort from your absence. Therefore, the ability to become available for him for some time indispensable. To avoid satiety as well.
The third point
The feeling of "sob-stvennichest Islands" is familiar not naslysh-ke for most men (and wome-us, what can we confess, too). Take a look at the women who look a man in the first place in the noisy company, dating service and utah and at the party? That's right, the one that is surrounded by great attention. This method women use to attract male attention and awakening the most diverse, but definitely strong feelings for centuries. Man and woman obey the laws of nature prove a female, which is popular, that of all the males was his best performance in all respects, well here at least, horns had the coolest. Like men - is a natural desire of women. Remember how behaved Scarlett O 'Hara, I wish to draw Ashley Wilkes? She surrounded herself with a huge number of fans, and all around just could not pay attention to it. As a result, however, she agreed to marry a completely different man, but it margin of error. In general, this situation demonstrates to even the most slow-witted men full value and compelling is this woman.
Item four
For men, as cynical as it may sound, but the financial side of the relationship is important. Men do not make meaningful gifts girls who care about them. Rules of etiquette prohibiting accept expensive gifts long ago expired. But still valid unwritten law not to accept gifts from you unpleasant person. A man who spends a lot of money on you, most likely, is serious. But because mercenary divorced women are more than enough, very often "test" lack of money, inexpensive trinkets and so on. Treat this with understanding. Suppose that it is satisfied that, though you pleasant costly favors, his attention by itself means to you is much greater. And - please dating service and utah! - If it is not actually so, should reconsider its attitude. Because the love that brings happiness and love, which are the relations, always mutual. dating service and utah.

The Perfect Man
Well, we all, of course, know that the ideal people do not exist. Still, surely all women have made for themselves the image of the perfect man . Each of us is the image of his own. However, dating service that start with a there is the basic features that should have a man claiming to be the 'ideal'.
Girls constantly sigh of the perfect life partner, but not always accurately represent what this rare creature, how it should look, and how to recognize in the crowd of imperfect men.
And yet, there are properties that would like to see in his chosen any. In the nature of men to women are rarely impressed by the audacity and impudence. In general, women appreciate the restraint, politeness, sometimes even a certain shyness.
As men choose women for marriage separately and apart for fun, because women have begun to use such practices. What? They can, but we do not? Most of the girls attracted by the beautiful, witty guys who dance well, well, just the soul of the company. They can be good fun, fun. A marriage to a man must possess the qualities of a lot more than just have a cute appearance. At least be smart, independent, have a good stable job or a business. And most importantly - the ability to love the wrong woman. For one love expressed by all its desires, for another - a good attitude and help in the home, and for the third, maybe in the foreground are sensual sexual relationship. Although most women want to see in a man, and one another, and a third. This is not bad, as long as she, dating service that start with a too, was on top and has all the necessary qualities. But more about that another time. Some ladies come quite sensibly and appreciate especially careful attitude, confidence, respect for the woman and to himself, and girls can be frivolous charm charming smile and mysterious eyes.
But as you know, all eventually get bored. Caring and loving husband for years can be day-to-day regularly bring adored half salary in an envelope, carnations wrapped in cellophane and clipping in a string bag - it will take it for granted. Obviously, the man to keep the lady of his heart must be something more. And, first of all - is the change: in behavior in the relation. For the main enemy of relationships is common boredom. Make your life interesting and diverse women have you yourself, or find someone who will do it for you. And do not think that we can restrict a bunch of mimosa International Women's Day and the birthday of a vacuum cleaner. Even if welfare allows you to replace mimosa three dozen orchids, and a vacuum cleaner - the fourth in a mink coat, it is unlikely to help. You sometimes even be romantic. Show that you are ready for her to any of madness (not beyond the inner values and attitudes).
Dedicate your satisfaction women at least one day a month and she will long remember, and you will forgive the other sins. Only this should be the day to the memory of it caused a blissful smile on her face even when take a long time. Here are three lovely unexpected surprises for your lover:
1. Roses on a pillow or flowers by hand and cards. And the more the better. I do not know any woman who would not touch a bunch Jota used with 50 and more roses or tulips.
2. Camping. You say, 'What's so romantic?'. Answer: all the preparations - the food, the champagne, the car - you have to prepare yourself and report it before the actual departure. Going to the restaurant is also good, but inviting, without warning, I do not advise, because a woman should look your best, otherwise it will feel bad, not being confident in its irresistible.
3. Sex and unconventional places, and can be in the public, if you like the place and allow the desert. Or at least molestation. It will knock her confused. Women love to flirt, even from home husbands. If your girlfriend likes it hot, dating service that start with a take her to a sex shop. They bought it just a little more. Not necessarily that it then wants to try these fancy devices on its own, but exciting process of joint study range it probably will like.
And then any gifts. From chocolates and perfume to a kitten or a puppy. Home memorize it casually thrown word, then be able to fulfill the dreams favorite.
So, if you want to be the perfect man for his woman - be a bit romantic and appreciate your relationship. dating service that start with a.

Statistics sex
Every fourth woman has a guide to sex, while men only 15.6% have such a book. And the fairer sex, usually to read such literature, after making love (so do 15.5% compared with 3% of men). Maybe they do it in order to assess how the partner coped with his role, quest dating service experts say.
According to the survey, the results of which are published The Mirror, many more ladies believes that allowance brings a variety of sex - of 26%, while among men - 21%. Those who have a guide, an average of 21%. But on the west coast of the US, this figure reaches 36%.
The survey polled a thousand people from 16 regions of the country. 80% of women believe that sex is very important or very close to stepping down from the 85% of men who think the same way.
Publisher Dorling Kindersley has commissioned this survey in order for the advertising campaign just vypushennyh them books Sexopedia.
Its author, Anne Hooper, noted that "in recent years, women are catching up with men in regard to sexually free lifestyle. Today they have become financially independent and therefore more confident. "
This is manifested in the fact that women are more courageous buy books on sex. Four out of ten do so in the shop, while men prefer to order such books anonymously, by mail or through the Internet.
Almost 95% of women aged 16 to 24 years is considered a sexual life is very or quite important quest dating service. Just think of and 55% of women aged 55 years and older.
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A new study shows that women more than men, tend to lie about their sex lives. The desire of women to keep silent about their sexual behavior was found in the American study using counterfeit checks on a polygraph, reports New Scientist.
Blog In the research carried out with the 1960s, men typically report more sexual partners than women, which is statistically impossible. For example, the British say that they have a lifetime average of 13 sexual partners, while British women say an average of 9 partners.
Previously, scientists explain this anomaly the fact that men exaggerate their achievements, and women underestimate. But now Terry Fisher from the University of Ohio, and Michael Alexander of the University of Maine suggest that men are more truthful.
The researchers found that women change their answers depending on whether they consider that they can catch on deception. The number of sexual partners , which the woman said, almost doubled when women think that they are followed by a lie detector.
"Women are more sensitive to social expectations about their sexual behavior and dishonesty may be , quest dating service answering questions about their behavior, "- says psychologist Fisher. She noted that women crushes the desire to meet the expectations, which suggests that they are focused on stable relationships rather than promiscuity.
Kiss for many women is more important than sex. This conclusion two groups of scientists, German and Austrian: they analyzed the value of the kiss for both men and women.
Moreover, it appears regularly kissing is good for health. According to the German study, men see kissing primarily as a habit or some kind of mandatory exercise. And women give it more importance in terms of intimacy and in some cases find it more important than sex, writes Italian La Repubblica.
"The women attach great importance to kissing, while men can and do without them," - said the study's author Ingelore Ebberfeld, sexologist from Bremen. The study involved 514 people aged 16 to 91 years: 56% of them are women and 44% of men said that the kiss with pleasure. Although the specific situation of sexual intercourse differences in scores between men and women are less significant: 9.7% of women and 10.7% of men said they did not kiss each other during intimacy.
At the same time, the study showed that women often feel kissing greater intimacy than during intercourse. This aspect was confirmed in a survey among prostitutes: only a minority of them gives himself to kiss during sex for money. The common explanation - Kiss for their work is considered too intimate.
Two-thirds of women, according to German expert, are convinced that a man who knows how to kiss is a good lover. Almost half of them are ready to sign by the phrase: "better than a good kiss copulation." In contrast, two-thirds of men said they did not agree with the last statement quest dating service.
Moreover, a study conducted by the Vienna University, completed the conclusion that regular kisses are good for health and can have a therapeutic effect. Scientists have found that a long and passionate kiss not only reduces blood pressure, but also the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.
In addition, kisses strengthen the immune system: with every kiss released a large number of bacteria in the saliva, which are transmitted from one partner to another. These bacteria are, in turn, contribute to the production of antibodies, training the immune system.
Physical benefits kissing is also in training, which are subject to various areas of the face: it was proved that in the process of kissing involved 25 facial muscles, reducing that benefit not only the individual, but also throughout the body. quest dating service.

A reprint of the lips when a kiss
Along with the eyes of his mouth is the most expressive part of the face. Science physiognomy allows the size and shape of the mouth to determine the internal energy of the person usa dating service. Big mouth and drooping corners of his mouth talking about the strong will, that is, that man it is difficult to influence. Although opinion on the corners of the mouth is rather ambiguous. Charles Darwin, for example, believed that lowered to the bottom corners of the mouth show a whiny mood or depression. According to another view, the owner of a small arched mouth slightly lowered corners sentimental and vulnerable. Raised corners of lips meet artless, fair and intellectually gifted nature.
According physiognomists, small mouth indicates a weak character and concern in the fight for survival. The Japanese, for example, appeals to a large mouth and small men in women. A woman with a big mouth is considered manly, and it really did not like the strong-willed men.
It is noted that the tightly compressed lips and clenched teeth talking about human persistence. Tightly closed mouth - on the dedication and determination. On the contrary, open mouth, especially sagging of the lower jaw, it expresses a decrease of mental activity. Symmetrical, without distortions mouth opening shows balance emotions.
In short, we can say that a big mouth is a testament to the courage and at the same time falsity, small - timidity and modesty, and compressed - hardness, open mouth - stupidity.
Also of great importance is given to the physiognomy of the size, shape and color of the lips. Representatives of different schools physiognomists different interpretations. For example, usa dating service according to one school, thick and large lips talk about irony and reason, thin and small - the falsity and deceit. Thick upper lip - of injustice, long lower lip - a amorousness and mind. Lips heart - a strong and active, and his lips drawn into - and about trusting a bad state of affairs.
According to another school physiognomists vary different types of lips, mostly women:
- Bow lips - the most feminine. They show the charm, coquetry, sensuality and, at the same time, the insincerity and falsehood. In men, it is a sign of vanity and frivolity;
- Luscious lips come from living, talkative, open people who quickly become friends, it is easy to adapt to any situation and different temperament and sensibility;
- Small lips - soft, thin, with soft lines, talking about generosity, wisdom, honesty and modesty;
- Thin lips - cold, but charming. They give a passionate, very gentle, but sometimes too restrained. Such a person is difficult to capture in any situation he is eloquent and witty. Too thin lips are hard at people who are capable of meanness;
- Harmonious lips - traced fine and somewhat ironic, may belong to a poet and an intellectual, able to combine reality with sentimentality; buy huskies in instagrame
- Asymmetrical lips - at the expense of a large upper lip owns powerful, dry man with a rational mind and bereft of emotions. If the lower lip is pressed at the same time, it shows the impotence in men and frigidity in women;
- Fat (plump) lips - at the same time a sign of sensuality and strength of character, whose distinctive features - a great self-control, calm and unwavering demand for pleasure.
In the same way the shape of the mouth, or rather the curve of the lips at the moment of the kiss, we can estimate the character and temperament of the elect or partner. "The geometry of the lips," while kissing is an excellent material for serious scientific study. At the beginning of the XX century. exact test was developed based on the detection of manners kiss: test covers your lips with lipstick, and instead of the lips or cheeks nice "kisses" white paper. Identification of such a kiss imprint will let you know about the nature of man and his relationship to him (or her) chosen usa dating service.
Different prints lips at the moment of the kiss and their identification:
and - mouth in the form of a perfect circle: a partner worthy of complete trust;
b - the mouth in the form of a deformed circle: attraction to you is not serious;
to - mouth in the form of a semicircle: sincere partner, but without any warranty;
g - the mouth in the form of a semicircle deformed: the promises made in the heat will be kept;
q - the mouth with a smooth horizontal line: a good partner with a big heart;
e - mouth in the form of a broken penalty; sado-masochistic partner;
Well - horn deformed by a vertical line: very timid partner;
s - line the mouth in the form of a zigzag right: the partner who hates you.
Here's information for the curious. Study the people around you with the help of physiognomy. Good Luck To You! usa dating service.

Sex protects against heart attack and stroke
Having sex can be successfully replaced by the sport protective effect that they have on the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that men who have sex three or four times a week, inside usa dating service 50 per cent less likely to postpone serious stroke or heart attack.
Experts from the University of Bristol examined 2400 British to assess the positive effect of sex on the health of men. The authors of this work in its report to the World Conference on stroke, which is being held in Australia, also noted that sex does not have to be long to benefit.
Previously, scientists believed that the real defense against heart attack or stroke requires at least 20 minutes of exercise at least than three times a week. This indicator was considered sufficient exercise shortness of breath sudden and intense sweating.
Now, researchers have found that even small, but regular exercise can help protect the heart and blood vessels from disease. But this applies only to sex with legitimate wives. Accommodation, entertainment, sights of Crimea, all this here - KrymKurort - all on vacation in the Crimea . Hotels, Hotels, restaurants, entertainment in the Crimea As stated in another study conducted in Tokyo, cases of stroke during sex occurs mainly when a man uses the services of prostitutes.
After sex, you need to drink a glass of water
Long-term sex accompanied by dehydration, which causes a feeling of weakness, inside usa dating service drowsiness and headaches. British doctors found that half an hour of sexual intercourse is accompanied by the same energy expenditure, as running five kilometers, but only 42 percent of people drink water after that. After the run, however, 96 percent of people make up the lost moisture.
Dr. John Leyper of Aberdeen University said that sweating, facial flushing and shortness of evidence of quickening heart rate, that is about the same reactions to sexual intercourse, as well as on physical activity. The fluid loss occurs even when there is no visible sweating, so doctors strongly recommended that after sex to drink water. inside usa dating service.

It helps protect against stress sex
According to British scientists, wellesley mit dating service sex is one of the most effective means to overcome the negative effects of stress.
Influence of various forms of sexual behavior on a person's ability to cope with a stressful situation is devoted to research group of British scientists published in the journal New Scientist.
According to scientists, the greatest positive effect have a traditional form of sex - genital contact opposite-sex partners.
The study involved 24 women and 22 men, for 2 weeks to describe in detail their sex life in special journals. After this period, the participants were asked to undergo a test for resistance to stress - they had to give a speech in front of an unknown audience and solve some arithmetic problems, commenting on his actions aloud.
The smallest difficulty in performing tasks experienced men and women who had regular heterosexual sex during the previous two weeks. Their blood pressure returned to normal faster than those who prefer other types of sex or masturbation.
Then you go to the site bordelero.net, which contains the most beautiful, uninhibited and ready for the customer at all the prostitutes in Kiev , choose one or more, and negotiate with them about the meeting. The least resistance to stress showed a person should completely abstain from all forms of sexual behavior. According to British commentators during the study were not considered homosexual.
According to the head of the research project by Professor Stuart Brody found differences remained, and after being taken into account factors such as general health and individual psychological characteristics of participants wellesley mit dating service.
According to Dr. Brody, the beneficial effects may be associated with the stimulation during heterosexual genital contact a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in the genital area.
In addition, produced during sexual intercourse hormone oxytocin also has a calming effect. Commenting on the findings of their colleagues, a professor at York University, Peter Bull suggested not to dismiss other ways to cope with a stressful situation. "Maybe you should think about what you're going to say and how to prepare the report but did not have sex all night on the eve of public speaking", - said the professor. wellesley mit dating service.

Coffee increases thirst for sex
Female rats are actively seeking to mate after the introduction of caffeine, 100 free dating service says the magazine Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behaviour. Scientists at the Southwest University (Georgetown) studied the effect of caffeine on the behavior of rats. 108 a female rats a moderate dose of caffeine was administered, after which it was allowed male.
It turned out that after the "dose" of caffeine significantly females actively seek to mate, in fact, soon after the act of female rats were tested again the need for sex.
To see if there was any related behavior in rats only with increased motor activity in female rats allowed not only males but also other females. It turned out that after the introduction of caffeine rats prefer to communicate it with males showing active desire to mate.
US scientists led Guaratstsi Fay (Fay Guarraci) explained increased libido female rats the ability of caffeine to stimulate the area of the brain responsible for sexual arousal.
In the case of coffee will cause the same effect in humans, women who are passionate kofemankami likely will not experience an increased desire for sex. Stimulation of sexual needs is likely to take place in those who drank coffee only occasionally, said Faye Guaratstsi.
However, scientists note that currently the impact of coffee on the sexual behavior of people is not enough, and studied the effects observed in female rats can not be unconditionally transferred to women 100 free dating service.
Previously, there is a lot of research on the effects of coffee on the human body. To live a life without passion is not possible. Unfortunately, in our country there is no ground gambling halls, but there is a virtual institution, which is no different from a real casino. You can try to play here . This playground called Vulcan. On the site contains all the gambling entertainment that can be found in a real casino. You can play slot machines, a variety of card games, roulette and so on. Nevertheless, the findings are somewhat contradictory. According to some scholars, coffee improves memory and reduces the likelihood of developing cancer, but has a negative effect on the heart and blood vessels. 100 free dating service.

Men rate their sex life better than women
A large-scale study in 29 countries found that in middle-aged men and the elderly in general, cupid and dating service are more satisfied with their sex lives than their peers of the opposite sex.
According to a study that has engulfed the 27 500 participants aged 40 to 80 years, most people who are married or who have a partner remain sexually active in old age.
"The effect of age on the quality of sexual life was very small - he said in a telephone interview with Reuters, the coordinator of the research project by Edward Laumann (Edward Laumann). According to him, a much more significant impact on sexuality have factors such as health problems or a tendency to depression. The highest number of elderly people of both sexes, fully satisfied with their sex lives , the researchers were able to detect in the EU, US and Australia.
Significantly fewer sexually satisfied people were registered among older residents of the traditional culture, involving male dominance.
In general, the fairer half of humanity rated their sex lives less optimistic than men. However, in countries with traditional culture, this difference was much more significant than in Europe and the United States.
In normal healthy person is depressing lack of sex. That potency drugs to help get rid of weak erection, leading to this situation as "satisfactory" or "highly satisfactory" rated their sex lives about two thirds of the population of Western countries. In some countries, such as Austria and the US, this figure was even higher cupid and dating service.
In contrast to the Europeans and Americans, Japanese sex life was rated positively only 18% of men and 10% women. In Taiwan, the number of satisfied with their sex lives of women was 7%.
"The pleasure here is not irrelevant - said Laumann, commenting on the situation in Japan, China, Indonesia and other societies dominated by conservative views about sex - the basis for sexual relations is procreation, and many women are sex as dirty and burdensome task. "
The study is published in Archives of Sexual Behavior. cupid and dating service.

Lingerie eyes of men
Who among us does not want to look in men's eyes sexy and attractive? Now we will tell you a few secrets of the female camouflage dictated by instinctual needs of men teen dating service. Never forget that the beautiful women's underwear - one of the tools of seduction.
Rule 1 st. Hints, but does not provoke. Couple pugovichek unbuttoned her blouse - is neither noncommittal hint, but the mini skirt - a well-planned campaign of conquest. The same applies to the gauze shirts, trousers, fitting like a second skin, and the leopard bikini swimsuit. It is necessary to look for the "golden" middle.
Rule 2 nd. Bores statistics estimate that one day a man an average of 20 (!) Times thinking about intimacy. Can you imagine how he strained in the evening, if none of these times have not embodied in life ?! It is just necessary to properly configure and such detail as the clasp on clothing, is not playing a role. Deaf doors and fasonchik from the latest collection of monastic robes give birth in him rather boredom and discouragement. But the zipper on the back, clasp on the back of his trousers or a series of small buttons on a blouse, skirt unusual - this is certainly a very juicy and promising.
Huge online gift store , delivery to Russia. Rule the third. Men like it or not, it is still terrible traditionalists, and hence their dislike for burning different kinds of exotic extravagance. It should be more careful with details and accessories, because she, like a wild Indian tribe Moomba Yumba - from head to toe hung, will cause him no more interest than any other museum exhibits. Meeting with her, maybe it will surprise, but did not deceive teen dating service.
Rule 4 th. Man, when he is allowed, yet he loves his hands than his eyes. Therefore we recommend to think about the materials from which made your clothes, not just responded well to machine washing, not pushed and not to shrink, but were pleasant to the touch. Do not forget to look in lingerie shops and check all hands. I doubt very much that he wants to gently hugged the girl - "teddy bear" or "mohair cactus" (suddenly from your "mohnatenkogo" sweaters he begins a severe diathesis? ..). The same applies to the skin of reptiles (python, frog, vipers and others.): A distance it may look very impressive, but to get closer, he will not be solved exactly. And suddenly bite?
Rule 5 th. What must first be a girl? In the classic version - definitely mysterious. Turgenev, Pushkin read everything, so remember everything - and full speed ahead.
It is shocking unexpected details: a thin strip of lace from under their suits, teen dating service transparent insert on heavy sweater - and it will be the same sex blow below the belt, from which it is unlikely to refuse. The main thing that it all looked a little sloppy - as if it was he, yasnooky, spotted your lace instead you intentionally killed a skirt, it was easier to see your underwear. teen dating service.

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