10 things that women hate in bed
Do you think you - superlyubovnik? You give flowers and doing compliments girls two of us dating service houston. You know all you physically available poses, studied female erogenous zones? You have mastered the art of seduction and women know how to say nice words. Do you know where you can meet a girl in Moscow . Well, the woman that you want? Even the best in bed men commit serious errors that make your partner doubt that it was enough attention. And they are the 10 most frequent and unpleasant mistakes that can prevent a man in bed, according to nebezyvestnogo now and you log Askmen.
1. Take off your socks, let alone shoes.
Forget what you've seen in a trendy porn. Even if you are so fast that between the first excitement in the blood and floundering in bed with his girlfriend takes you five seconds, take care of it is to remove the socks. Female nose so sensitive - take care of this gentle creature.
2. Do not answer the phone.
Not enough for the phone handset, if during sex, he heard the call. Needless? But 15% of men have interrupted sex to answer the phone. Turn it off before you started prelyudiyu.Tvoya mother tends phoning you every 10 minutes? Then unplug and answering machine. You do not need a third one in bed.
3. Do not talk.
Of course, women love beautiful male voices, but the bed - not a place to show their level of intelligence. No tautological demagoguery about variants origin of the universe. Only talk about how it makes you tick, and how you feel good in it two of us dating service houston.
4. Do not look anywhere except her.
In addition to her during sex, you do not need to see anything, not even their favorite sports. To avoid temptation, turn off the TV at once, even better yet - get him out of his bedroom. The Italians have calculated that couples who do not have a TV in the bedroom, have sex twice as often than those who do it est.Takzhe to anything seen in the mirror of your beer belly or a picture in a magazine. Look only at her - it means that you forgot about everything else. Focus on the softness of her skin, the scent of her hair, passion, sounding in her voice.
5. Do not drool.
That this is not exactly right. Certainly, saliva during sex, can be used as a lubricant under certain difficulties and it is permissible, but even spitting saliva bubbles - in what would be a movie for adults or did you see - can permanently discourage your ladies from any contact with you.
6. Do not go to sleep after two seconds after orgasm.
Not to fall into collapse immediately after sex. Certainly, there are physiological reasons why a man feel sleepy after the act of love. After orgasm in the blood sharply reduced supply of glycogen - animal starch, which feeds the muscles. When glycogen is not enough, the person feels completely overwhelmed. Because muscle mass in men more than women, and they get tired before. Women also feel a desire to relax, but a little later than men. Help her in this, just do not go to sleep a couple of minutes - it is quite possible, add romance to your relationship during this, postorgazmenny moment. Are you able to have sex more than two to five minutes, which is normal for male physiology. Be patient. You - the stronger sex.
7. Forget about other women.
Do not try to even stutter in bed sexual abilities other women. You're in bed it was with her, and not with anyone else. Exception - when you propose to imagine three with Angelina Jolie. But remember two of us dating service houston - the moment when she takes off her panties, at the same time it is for you the only woman in the world.
8. Do not make sex comedy.
You can win the KVN - so you cheerful and resourceful. But to what jokes and reprise, when you making love. Women, of course, also have a sense of humor, but do not facilitate sexual relations superironiey loses her with her clothes.
9. Do not call "interesting" parts of the body wacky names.
Call a spade a spade, without vulgarity and immaturity. No need for any "wee". She was not interested, as you call it their favorite part of the body, when you are engaged in self-satisfaction, or when joking with his friend. But it is not the baby who plays with you "in the doctor." Sex - is adult games. So he grew up, before you start to deal with it.
10. Do not forget about your physiological differences.
She - not a rubber doll, which can easily withstand 90 kilograms liveweight. She was not ready to have sex with a half-kick. To the woman's body is physiologically prepared for the act of love, it needs to reach a certain stage of initiation. Home can be a rapid emotionally, but physiologically, in any case, should be gentle, gradual and pleasant two of us dating service houston. Let her change posture during sex or Suggest that she felt contributed to your overall business. Women need more time than men to experience orgasm. Learn how to be gentle and patient, learn to restrain themselves until it is ready to fly with you to heaven. two of us dating service houston.

10 qualities of women who prefer men in a serious relationship
What kind of woman men want to see next to me? How do I know this is the woman with whom you can build a relationship and live life internet dating service?
If it has 10 properties listed below, so it is possible that it is representative of the fairer sex, you are looking for. And to meet a woman in Moscow is not so difficult as it may sometimes seem.
1. Independence. Men prefer independent women because they do not want to act as a nanny. Sometimes, they certainly do not mind that you cry them in a vest, but not always. With a woman of independent and financially and emotionally it is much more interesting.
2. Mind. For serious relationship needs a woman with whom you will not be bored, that will amaze you. Hold, so to speak, in a tone. Finally, with whom you can talk about anything in between amorous pleasures.
3. The beauty and appeal. Although it seems self-evident, however, a woman should always look good and dress up, not only for you but also for itself, so you will not be ashamed to appear in public with her, and that she and the house looked good.
4. Respect for you. This means that it is able to listen to your opinion, even if it means she does not agree with you in some way. And, of course, it in no way diminishes you. She did not make a scene in public, in front of friends and family. If she respects you, then it will behave diplomatically and tactfully most difficult situations, what is good for you internet dating service.
5. It gives you the opportunity to be a man. If a woman is trying to say that you need to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and forbids you to meet with your friends to go bowling or to spread in the game of cards, you will be hard with her in the future, you will be offended by it, even more than you can imagine. It should be understood that men and women are different and have different interests have to be, at least in something. For example, you do not forbid her to go to the store. So it should be easy to allow you to go to parties with druzyami.
New Movies Online in good quality. 6. She will not reproach. Women often think that their criticisms may entice you to the activities of that reproach, they encourage you to do what you need. Smart woman knows when to talk to you about your responsibilities when skip your action by. For example, it makes no sense to blame you, that you left the socks in the middle of the room or forget to wash the dishes. But be careful in the following situation. If you live together, you, for whatever reason, has not been home all night, you did not call her, and she does not think you are to blame and ask questions. This is suspicious and looks like what you care about her.
7. Sexuality. Sexually, you must have the same interests (for example, if you like sexy underwear for your partner, and then she, too), otherwise you will not fit. In addition, you should feel free to talk about your sexual fantasies and desires.
8. She gets along with your friends and parents. It does not just help your mother in the kitchen, listening to stories of your father, and leaves on a picnic with you and your friends, she tries to make sure that your important people in her life took the same important position. An indication that it has succeeded in this, is the fact that your friends do not puzzled faces when you say that you come to visit with her.
9. She loves you. Not so easy to find someone who will love you truly and take you so what you have. This Stora relationship between a man and a woman. As defined, but to feel? First, a woman who loves you is not trying to make you a different person. Second, note how it relates to you in everyday life and how to react when meeting internet dating service. If she sees you, she ignited opinion no doubt she loves you.
10. She wants you to be better. This does not mean that it tells you that you do something and others do not. No. Everything happens without words. Just her attitude towards you, making you better. If you catch yourself thinking that mistreated yesterday with her younger sister, or you have time to sort out a pile of their accounts (although before that you did not care and then to another), so it is worth considering that was the motive. Perhaps this is love? internet dating service.

How to win a man? Step by step instructions.
This man is not getting through to you. It's all in the power of some mind-boggling things: NHL, engine power BMW, Sharon Stone free online dating service and chat ... The evenings he spends with friends who tirelessly repeat: "Come on those women! There are only male friendship, the rest - the linden! " And his wacky games: table football, poker ... The list is endless, so let's face it: a man - is an alien. He lives on a planet called "Club For Men Only". Do not give himself to entice outside person, who knows nothing about music or Western postrokovoy cyberpunk. But what if you still want to win a man , in spite of all our efforts to dissuade you? Here are some tips from the comments.
Take a man - of course, the present - and turn on projector. The display film. Pretty gangster shouts: "Idiot! Barker!" - Jumps into his lap, and taking advantage of his confusion, kisses "just want to check whether I like it." Then removed, he said over his shoulder: "Just whistle - and I will come." This typically masculine style of seduction, as if in jest, with a grin, baffled most sophisticated seduction. The ones that are so confident in their knowledge of each chord of the female soul. When a frontal attack only such supersonic onslaught able to penetrate the armor of hardened enemy, known for its inaccessibility. But you have to disappear at the right time, pre-heating it and leaving the comfort your phone number in case if it will be close to boiling. And he will whistle, do not worry, the old kettle, and even if this will think that holds the initiative in their hands. Let us recall the very first fruit in the hands of the very first woman named Eve. That he was the reason for the very first scene lure men into women. Reluctantly, and gritting his teeth, the man surrendered. It was a moment of pure ecstasy, but luring ever rhyme with mishaps. Since then, men are afraid of fire as seductress. At least, overly zealous, that too obviously to take the initiative free online dating service and chat.
The temptation?
Nothing is more dangerous to us than to see: it's coming, dressed in black - in an elegant black dress, black stockings and gloves. Vamp scary and attributes temptation beckons us .. Just imagine: big children (ie we) raised his eyes - and they face the Christmas tree, covered in tinsel from Chanel and Dior, full of unspoken hints. A sort of gift, packed in the minimum permitted by law the amount of fabric, covered in exquisite clothes, "flavored" unthinkable accessories, such as: silk gloves, tortoiseshell mouthpiece stunning bra ... In short, a walking sex trap with a sign: "Caution: sex trap! " But even if this arsenal is not complete and not so provocatively it looks vamp will lose. Firstly, because of its sensitivity is too conspicuous. Too obviously too show. Somewhere near Bordeaux image skilled harlot. And aside scoff friends: bite - does not bite? How can you become a boast on the day of their victories if you just won? Nothing to be done: the men were and still are monkeys, if not the soul, then, at least in the genes. They also respected and feared those who would lure as many females: orangutan with the biggest "harem", Don Giovanni with the long list (they are simply obsessed with the length). With this regrettable primitive mentality vamp is perceived as a gift in a smart package that pool their savings to buy an inveterate loser, that he has lost, finally, innocence with the help of seductive sex girl.
Please a man is quite simple. In the femme fatale - if you persistently do not want to leave this way - is the ability to act without witnesses, all kind promises: "Blessed moment - and I disappear from your life." In such conditions 99% of men go. But only a couple of hours. Because any real man knows to keep femme fatale longer life threatening by definition. She gave him a MNOGOseriynoye movie that he sees life in a completely new light. Most likely, in black, her silk stockings and lacy underwear. By the way, dear lady-seducer, do not recommend you to portray intelligent fallen Madonna in the guise of innocence: it dulls the imagination (and have deprived the commercial success of many music albums). For you - what you have: pure fiction, created by and for men. And it is in order when the "creation" is unable to truly captivate its creator. He was known in advance all the ins and outs, whereas he likes surprises free online dating service and chat.
With Fur?
How to please men? Scientifically proven: do not give in to their impulses, if you want to captivate us. According to statistics, men in society do you most like to "talk" (32%), and then - "laugh" (19%). "Bedding" found herself at the bottom of the table with a score of 15%. Now compare: we are very different attitude toward sex. We are in the presence of women first think about how to make love 30%. And only then, if time and after a number of other activities, such as the "common interests", comes the turn to "talk" (18%), and finally, like it or not, it is necessary and "laugh" (10%). In short, we are similar to each other is exactly the opposite. Note: clown woman can be just for women, men she is not interested. Rather, it can push them, "Funny Girl" are often alone. If a girl laugh, it is not sexy. When it's been seen that bombshell, beauty with parameters 90-60-92, comic actress has made a career? No, "Funny Girl" are not suitable for luring men: as we yet-binding polls, it requires a exc-waiting is not the facial muscles.
How did they win? To conquer a man, you need to deftly maneuver between his cowardice and pusillanimity. Do not frighten, not laugh. It is best to be cheerful, carefree and did not betray his interest in it.
So best not to lure us all. At least not to file view. None of us will deceive a girl who throws herself at our feet, begging, "Tell me" yes "!. Come to you or me?" Beauty, which is indifferent to us - it is quite another matter! If you want to light us - pretend that do not feel any sense to us. This is the golden rule. Pretend it is necessary as it should. So we have seen that from us you do not need nothing at all that you have, and so everything is there. In short, you are independent, satisfied with life, you do not suffer from a lack of love or attention as a vamp. It is not so easy, because it is necessary to tell us all this, we send a signal to it. Just quietly, passing, as if oblivious to us! And what's next? Here there are no recipes. The most stupid strategy can work as long as we do not have all the attention is focused on you. For example, a chance meeting at a party with friends, where you are always busy, but still managed to smile. Even better - the same chance encounter at a hotel in another city. Especially if it seemed a mystery and you made it clear that one day they will know it ... So it is not necessary to perform extraordinary actions to conquer the planet men. Planet inhabited by lovely guys and great small, which for some time did not dare to seduce you ... put you sexually harassed. They're waiting for you.
Features of the psychology of men.
For men, the habit is typical to assume that it must always be right, and a strong, independent and self-confident, knowing all the questions right answers. Ask a man to talk about himself, and he starts to tell you about his work (female, if we look at it with a similar request in the first place tells about the family situation). Men put each other steps, doing their best to hide their shortcomings and stick out dignity dream to become "leader of the pack." Just seen men aggression success. It is not enough that brought in men from childhood ("You're a boy, you gotta be bold, decisive, strong!"), So even if a genetically inherent in them. Anything that at least to some extent to question this view of themselves can cause negative reactions in men or stress. Because men are left in himself, inside and those sressy and failures like heavy metals tend nakaplivatsya and gradually destroy the body from the inside and, most importantly, the psyche. When a man loses, he feels destroyed. It does not matter that there is a bank account, some no property or working wife. For men, there is only success and failure. The attempt was not successful, - the same defeat. Men require all or nothing! Men are mostly poorly able to govern themselves and to restrain their rage and anger. Territory of men is not only his house, but his car, his garage, his place in the theater, his wife finally. That is why men who do not mind sometimes gulnut left, so sensitive to his wife's infidelity. A man takes her lover's wife as a male competitor, claiming its territory. If the wife is unfaithful to her husband is not somewhere in the motel, but right in the marriage bed - it is generally a disaster! Lover climbed into the holy of holies, the husband could not keep their possessions, and therefore it is weak, it will soon learn fanged predators and zagryzut him to death! The difference between men and women is most clearly manifested in the fact that the man in the attainment of the goals is more important result. A man interested in the life and the truth in it. Men are mostly much better and react correctly in critical, dangerous situations and think over the way out to the end. Men's logic is based on facts. To convince a man uses facts and evidence. Nature is that lusty man thinks first of all of woman's body on different ways of how to achieve it, free online dating service and chat rather than a romantic relationship. Such is the physiology and stupid women offended by men, they are all the same, and their cavalier attitude toward life, that met to take a walk and get what would a man catches her. If a man wants to melt away with a woman, it makes it simple and unpretentious. In turn, men develop aggression against women that are too long "Dynamo". From this, first of all, suffer from male ego and as a result of deepening inferiority complexes. Men, unlike women, are always based on the age and beauty. Unsympathetic older girls do not have any preferences - regardless of their financial status. Men are attracted to women primarily femininity. Women are often particularly concerned about financial status of the partner. free online dating service and chat.

Recipes male happiness.
The famous American psychologist George Maker in the book "I am a man," advises how to arrange their lives, married dating service determined to become happy in all respects. Here are some tips from this book.
1. Do not be afraid of change. They give an opportunity to change your point of view on many things. A change in the point of view always lead Mr intellectual growth. Clever man is always easier to win the sympathy of the majority.
2. Change the car no less than once every two years. If the income does not allow often buy cars, take at the box office, and then changes again in the same rental office to a newer model.
3. I have an apartment no less than once every five years. If you have your own home, keep it in the area, which is particularly dear to you. It is best to have a refuge wherever your heart desires, but be aware that you can go back under the roof of his house.
4. Change the mistresses as soon as you feel that your friend you sick. Talk to her about it directly, to avoid conflicts. If married, if the family is understanding and love, the wife should be changed as soon as possible cautious. A better find dating for sex.
5. Change the power supply system at least once a year. Say loved steak with curry sauce, replace them crabs. Or, if you loved the corn, change it to the seafood.
6. Never me faithful, faithful animal on some new animal. Take care of the animal has lived with you as a child to the shore.
watch free movies online 7. Change the dressing room at the first desire. But work in the office is better to go in the same clothes, which should be chosen so that it is out of fashion. Suits, special occasions, married dating service at the time.
8. Change the audio and video technology as its aging and damage. Older players are permitted to keep only if they are associated with the sweetest memories of life. But then we should recognize that you are living memories of the past, rather than hopes for the future.
9. Change the hobby once a year. Transition from water polo to golf, from golf - to boats and so on. This, incidentally, means all coolest prostitutes in Kazan only on this site. You are invited to a huge selection of cool girls convenient and affordable. Choose a girl and enjoy her company! that over time have become a member of several clubs . Great Thou shalt popular everywhere.
10. rearrange the furniture in the house at least once a year. If you can not change all the furniture, even change the upholstery, curtains and lighting.
I believe? Took wash the windows? Then this time I answer the most lazy, why I give obvious advice. You'll be busy with the changes and you can not sit in the corner of the couch, talking about how unhappy. That's the whole secret of happiness. Provided follow my advice, of course. married dating service.

What is female happiness and how to create?
What is a woman's happiness? In the last century, a woman can say definitively equalized with men in their rights. And the relationship between men and women often have to be functional. Today, dating service called plenty of fish it is free in its choice - either to devote himself entirely to his family, or - science, art, or literature ... And in fact, in most cases, of course, there is nothing wrong. All right. After all, this is precisely the full satisfaction and the realization that life is not in vain.
Women's happiness, and happiness in general - a subjective concept, each is his: so many people - the same opinion. Therefore, hardly possible to formulate its specific criteria. But at the same time, it seems, clearly outlines some general background female happiness. For example, if you conduct a survey among women, then, certainly, the answers are as follows:
- Favorably to marry;
- That the favorite was near;
- When next you loved and loving person, children who bring joy and grief with their antics, when the family is normal, quiet life, without scandals and betrayals;
- To be loved and to feel that someone needs;
- Be independent and do whatever he wants ...
And so on. As you can see, the answers are many and the majority of them related to the man. It is clear, "with a sweet paradise and in a tent."
Happiness is not a goal. It is within us. "The state of happiness accelerates implementation and manifestation of our deepest desires ...." And if so, it turns out that the man is actually a blacksmith of his own happiness, all in his hands, that is our ...
We find happiness in the simplest forms of life, to enjoy every manifestation of it - and our lives become much richer. Let us feel the life in its entirety, we will be happy for every living moment - and wonder, dating service called plenty of fish of course, be done: we get a reward - happiness.
Of course, a woman's happiness depends on us men. There is no doubt. Moreover, making a woman happy, we become happier hundredfold, because every phenomenon has reversed. So we just have to be a little more patient, gentle to our lovely women ... that they truly deserve. A little attention, care, tenderness, love - and looking ... Female happiness created.
Women need a partner. Partner in all ...
In short, you have to be diplomats. If a woman will ever hear from us, men as she is beautiful, attractive, smart - and her eyes would be filled with glitter happiness. And when it is satisfied that we still do not throw words to the wind and are reliable in their actions in the name of the family, then it will become just too unique.
With a woman should be able to talk. If not just - just to somehow get rid, and frankly, with interest, delving into the essence of her problems and worries - it definitely reward a smile and a sweet look or a compliment .
Thus, the creation of women's happiness - is a science, which every man has to go. Maybe then the world will be a little kinder. After all, when there is love, kindness and understanding, all the bad there is no place to flourish will be happy. In this world, everything is interconnected.
For dessert, so to speak, highlight dating service called plenty of fish - priyatnenko and tasty. There has recently made for himself a small opening. It turns out that there is already cooking a dish called "Women's happiness"!
Key Ingredients: 1 beet, 2 apples, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, raisins and nuts.
Preparation: Boil the beets before, after it cool. Apple peel and core. All grate. At the bottom of the dish put the apples first, then beets. Between the layers of fluff with mayonnaise and put raisins. Top decorate nuts. Bon appetit ... and be happy! dating service called plenty of fish.

How to make a compliment?
In our fast paced world, people have long ceased to understand concepts such as Casanova or Don Juan. Now these names are almost sunk into oblivion. The younger generation hardly ever will use them in conversations with peers and contemporaries madison dating service. But these people have played a major role in the formation of a special relationship between men and women. Relationships, like a fire or flood, when the mind is nothing can be understood, and there are only emotions.
Simple layman is difficult to repeat the feats of these great men, but still worth a try. There are a few guidelines to help you get the attention of not only women but also men. Follow these rules when meeting, and will be sure to enjoy success with individuals of the opposite sex. Properly to compliment and to achieve the desired response - that's a real art!
1. The reason for the compliment, contrary to popular belief, can not serve as a virtue. Why should repeat for the umpteenth time the girl that her gorgeous bust or ass? She already knows that. Since you told her about it, then rest assured - it is up to you a thousand times to hear it from other males. The same applies to men. It is better to get into a person's appearance disadvantage - one of which he, in your opinion, or just shy of dissatisfied (short legs, small breasts, etc.). Touted weak human space! Diamond encrusted human systems of your speeches! No one can resist this.
2. The total sincerity. You have to speak so that the person had no doubt in your words. Burning eyes, body tilted slightly in the direction of the interlocutor. Feel that you've fallen in love with this man, and fell only because of the quality of (external or internal) that you at this moment touted.
3. Never respond to platitudes "Thanks for the compliment!". Better to say, for example, that you only konstatiruete facts and your "thank you" - is only a small compensation for what you are allowed to witness a miracle madison dating service. Sounds? Well, of course! And it works!
4. In addition it is important to remember that people - is partly an animal. And, therefore, all the hidden feelings and reflexes he also accepted. Play this! Use your knowledge base! In the course of attending any weapon. Your smell, your voice, your manner (by the way, do not even think to forget the good manners, it's all bullshit, that being polite and courteous is no longer fashionable), as you say, and in general all the external signs which indicate that you are really interested in this man. Compliment - it is also one way of tying dating and in most cases - is the thing that should be applied throughout the entire communication with the man.
5. God forbid, my dear friends, to use the templates found on the website and in the books of a pick up artist. Of course, there write useful things that work for teens. But this is only a template, it is just examples of how you can make a compliment. Do not you memorize these abstruse texts! It is immediately obvious to a person more or less intuitive.
Big ass mature moms in Concha obkonchennye lush priests of sexual fatties. Butt in the semen of young girls with elastic rolls sports photo. The list goes on, but do not limit the flight of his imagination - experiment !!
Good luck in the love arena, ladies and gentlemen! madison dating service.

Women with higher education are readily available?
Statistics concludes that girls with higher education do not set artificial framework in dealing with a man, dating service for cancer patients and often take the decision to begin sexual life, relying on their own feelings and intuition ...
Sweeping gesture rich gentleman invited his girlfriend to a favorite restaurant or club - a pleasure. But what about in the case when the well-fed and flushed from Japanese sake maiden typed impudence to completely ignore your hints intimate privacy "in numbered"? You do not want to change the dishes in the restaurant and posture in bed. And she wants ... only a second portion of Peking ducks and small talk on the topic "Does eating duck hands."
However, it is not in good appetite single female mice. As far as I know, a good appetite girl is welcome representatives of a strong half of mankind. Because look at the woman, enjoy food, a hundred times nicer dull contemplation forever dietiruyuschey person with dark circles under his eyes. Practice dismisses the notion that sex is only interested in dating men.
Meanwhile, it turns out that men, in addition to appetite in women appreciate the flexibility of the sexiest, thanks any way it does not consider the bearer of very shameful to be in bed with newly made friends after a romantic meeting with 2-3 add-in restaurant or club lovers of butterflies. It turns out that the girl is ready to show his sexual prowess is not "after the well know each other", and "soon after the first time at last supper together," enjoy the same irrepressible demand as the hot pies in the freezing cold . According to the survey, meticulous organization which dared to do the editorial team of the magazine Marie Claire, dating service for cancer patients 30% of men feel a sexual fervor and the desire to move on to "a bed phase," a love story after the second meeting with the object of his current passions.
It is ironic that the adoption of the decision subject to the passion "to sleep or not to sleep" after a few meetings with a stranger is in direct correlation with the level of education ... the girl. Women with higher education increasingly looking for adult dating than less educated women. Who would have thought that a flawless knowledge of the theorem on the remainder term of the Taylor expansion may affect the overall organization and the rhythm of sexual girls in unexpected ways!
Educated girls with interest are dating at parties . In particular, it sums up the statistics, women with higher education in the majority of cases, do not put yourself artificial framework in dealing with a man, and often take the decision to begin sexual life with another partner, depending on the situation, relying on their own feelings and intuition. Less educated ladies tend to adhere to the rules imposed by society or their parents not to have sex after 3-4 meetings with the young man did not ride in the same elevator with a stranger and not to believe unconfirmed documentary promises to marry.
The conclusion is that before inviting Woman dine duck, baked apples, it makes sense to check with the newly founded familiar, whether it has the basics of neuropsychology, fumbles whether mathematical analysis, and how many times she came to retake sopromat. Just getting more or less plausible answer, not allowing doubt her mental baggage, you can count on the fact that she does not come to mind to sit in the restaurant before the first roosters, shelving that can be done today. dating service for cancer patients.

Why do not women want?
Female sexuality - a thin instrument. Sometimes he was "upset" and then begin our sensibility to hide all sorts of fears and prejudices.
It happens exotic dating service - a man comes to the doctor and starts complaining that his wife was frigid, never wants even just runs away. He comes to the doctor's wife, and it turns out that she was not frigid (frigid women does not happen). She's just afraid ... intimate relationship. According to sexologists, such fears are poisoning the intimate lives of almost one in three (!) Woman.
Number 1 one of the most common female fear - the prospect of making love in the light. The woman scares the man sees all the flaws of her body. Cellulite, pendulous abdomen and chest after feeding the child, not fresh linen, a bad pedicure. The biggest mistake is that women begin to apologize for it. And men - being gullible, they say ten times that you are ugly, they believe, will go look for another, confident in its irresistibility.
What to do: first of all we need to understand that if a man went to bed with you, he does not care about your saggy tummy. He thinks you're attractive and sexy. Just ask them to turn off the bright lights and turn on the red night-light, light the candles. The candlelight your body is beautiful and radiant.
Number 2: Some women even in bed thinking about how not to get pregnant. Even if a woman will use contraceptives all at once, she always will be distracted, and after the close run to the bathroom to make a douche. Experts believe that there is not so much the fear of pregnancy, as before birth.
What to do: to look at the other - many women give birth, and two or three children. Maybe it's not so scary. Woman's brain is designed so that it quickly forgets all the terrible, it was during the birth, and remembers only the pleasure of giving birth (she has experienced). A few sessions with a psychologist will relieve you of this fear exotic dating service.
Number 3: Many women are concerned, as it did not hit in the bedroom face in the dirt. If your partner asks to be careful not to press too hard, the woman immediately decides that she is a bad lover, completely useless. If he runs in the shower, only to wash away the smell of female. If you fall asleep, it is because he is an animal, and nothing but sex did not need. So are born complexes. And I'm ugly and stupid and useless lover.
What to do: whole problem in your low self-esteem. Try to argue the opposite: my husband went immediately after sex in the shower, he wants from it smelled. If you went to sleep, he was very good, it is completely relaxed. Remember, confidence-ons and uncertainties - repels.
Number 4: Some women experience pain. Sometimes it happens from the actual disease - an inflammation of appendages and / or adhesions. Or too little time has passed after the birth. Even in healthy women have such problems. This most often happens when a partner acts too aggressively. Or because of the incompatibility of the physical aspects. For example, if a man's penis is very large.
What to do if it is caused by illness, one way out - to be treated. 21 Nova Casino is famous because it provides a large number of games and services to its customers, and the casino Volcano 24 values its reputation and offers players many high quality games. 32 Red Casino operates under license. Casino Reviews say that 777 Dragon is of interest to many people, 777 Casino Planet is Russian. Admiral Casino Club allows its customers to play for real money, and the Admiral Casino 777 is ready to provide customers with a lot of games. If the "savagery" of her husband, tell him that you have a passion flattered, but your body needs, and drop of tenderness.
Number 5: Sometimes there are processes that do not like the woman. Many people do not like oral sex. Someone finds it unhygienic, someone does not like the taste and smell of semen. Other ladies shocking "indecent" things, like sex in the critical days.
What to do: Any sex therapist will tell you - what happens in bed - always "properly", but (!) If you want it both partners.
Number 6: As the opinion polls, fear of being "caught" hurts not only young, but also "deeply married" people. After all, many of them live with children and parents in small apartments, where just fantastic audibility. How can you relax when the door goes in-law or child coughing? Yes, of course, many excites risk of being caught, but not your relatives, or even worse - children.
What to do: first of all - the latch on the door to the most crucial moment you are not rushed son or daughter who decided that with Mom and Dad to sleep much easier than without them. Turn on the TV or music to create the necessary background noise. Just do not overdo it, as you will be caught not only relatives, but neighbors willing to go to bed exotic dating service. In an extreme case, we can safely go to the bathroom on the pretext rub dad back ... You can relax and more extreme, such as in a park or in the woods. You can stay in a hotel. Yes, a little expensive, but sometimes you can pamper yourself and arrange a romantic atmosphere.
Dear girls and women, be confident in yourself. If you have something hurts or does not like it - do not be afraid to say so partner. And then you will finally be happy with their sex lives. Remember that you are loved, desire, beautiful and attractive. Good luck! Dear men, be closer to your mate. Despite the seeming independence, we still remain the same brittle, soft ladies! exotic dating service.

What emtipatiya in sex?
As you all know, men are brought up on the notion that sensuality, portland dating service emotion, tenderness, deep feelings - is a purely feminine qualities. A man exhibiting them suspicious. He is considered weak, unmanly, unless libertine. But if to penetrate inside the so-called tour de force, it's just a false facade. Who were the greatest poets, musicians, artists so far? Men, that's who. Women produce more noise, but underneath hide their elastic practicality that allows them to go through the most incredible disaster. Although women's pain threshold is much higher than men's, but that it has the courage to scream, while the man bites his lip and trying not to give out of their suffering.
But it does not end the torment. We have extended the concept of masculinity other up to brutality and insensitivity in all areas of life. We teach our boys that they need to be both aggressive and restrained, identifying insensitivity with force. At the same time we are trying to convince our girls that they should be feminine, must show all the signs of weakness and helplessness, which can only come up with that they should be desired and passive. But worst of all, we teach them that love girls and sex - for boys.
And the result is the following. The man who inspired that he should be aggressive and show as little emotion, behaving like love - that feeling only for girls and wimps. Therefore, it is suitable to have sex with a purely physical point of view and its sole purpose is to own pleasure. And though he may have a sincere desire to softness, gentleness, he had been taught that we should suppress such feelings if he wants to be a man. Women, on the other hand, were taught just the opposite. It has to be passive, sentimental, emotional and sex for her to be accompanied by love, if it is to be feminine. She had been taught to suppress their eroticism and at the same time ignore his emotions. If you do not have enough money for unforeseen expenses, you may be interested in microloans card online without giving up on the same day, without visiting the bank. All this leads to bed two disabled people, portland dating service and everyone needs to just what the other has to hide. As a result, there is often a complete lack of understanding of each other, or rather, lack of understanding, lack of empathy (the ability to parallel the experience of those emotions that arise from another person).
Empathy - the most important thing in making love, both for women and for men. Since no man can never fully experience the feeling of women, as well as a woman could experience what a man feels, the only way to understand each other are empathic responses. It is a pity that in fact the hero of the movie "What women want" our men showed unprecedented intuition and clairvoyance with respect to the weaker sex. Of course, I understand, that no man can never fully understand the mechanism of the female orgasm, but with some effort, it can come close to understanding, at least enough to be enjoyable lover . The least we can learn to perceive the signals sent to each other and act in accordance with them.
What could be worse, for example, than to be in bed with a man who did not have a clue about your feelings and about what to do with them. I'm not talking about those egoists who do nothing do not care, but themselves. No, there are those who want to please your partner, but do not know how to determine its state at any given moment. When I say that a man should first of all enjoy yourself, it does not mean that he should pounce on the woman. It is about having fun with all your senses, not simply facilitating their sexual needs. He has to seek pleasure sense of touch as well as the sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing. If he enjoyed all of these feelings, it will be next to a very happy woman and turn so the "I" and "you" to "we." And all this thanks to the performance of their own desires!
Take, for example, the sense of touch. If a man really enjoys the feeling of a woman's body if he finds pleasure in stroking her smooth, warm skin, can appreciate the shapes and physique that every woman has, portland dating service if he genuinely admires, feeling all this, it takes a woman only pleasure caresses. And while he gropes her for his own pleasure, the result is mutual pleasure, many times exceeding that each of them would feel alone. And the same applies to every other feeling. The man who all vibrate with the sound of women moaning ecstasy, must first bring a woman to ensure that she gave those moans. And so for each sensory experience.
It all seems simple and straightforward, but it remains neglected by too many men just because our culture teaches them that to find pleasure in the feeling - it is a privilege of women. To be a "real man," he said, a man, believes it should be a tough, tough, aggressive, but a purely sensual pleasure from him, it is the same nonsense like hearing classical music and poetry readings. The result leads to a hasty, poor and boring sex.
So, the first thing that is required to make a man who wants to be a good lover, it is primarily to educate their feelings, learn to enjoy them, free from prejudice and stupid bans. That is how he will be more masculine, more human and, at the same time, a good lover. portland dating service.

10 female quirks that enrage men
If you think that men combine beer, football and the ability to talk to the mat, you are deeply mistaken.
The defining moment in the friendship of men are those stupid little habits that have their women david miller dating service married people. Those which men will never grasp, the ones without which no woman would be a woman. Here's a list of the most annoying habits of women who, in fact, fascinating men .
1. Trash in bathroom
Potpourri of rose leaves in the pot, smelly shea butter, whole bushes of mint, a dozen sponges in the form of roses, frogs and rabbits - are only a small part of what the Charter is capable of bathroom woman. Give the guy a piece of soap and a towel - he will be satisfied. Eternal women need in excess, manifested so men bring to a white heat.
2. Shopping
It may be that you love to buy clothes at least your companion. However, shopping with her friend - a real test of tolerance for any man. After all, the girl remeasure every single pants that are just out of stock, goading each time you question whether enough these pants slimming her big ass and she blouse - emphasizes its beautiful bust? Men like beautiful women in lingerie , but free them from shopping.
3. intimate conversations
Women always need a confirmation of male love. Since most men prefer not to dwell on their feelings, their girlfriends from time to time it is necessary to find out in what direction the thought of love partners david miller dating service married people. And all would be nothing if not for such conversations were chosen the most inopportune moments. Immediately after the stand, for example. Or, during the final match of the World Cup. Well, do not fool you, eh?
4. The manner of sleep
Nothing is more inspiring women, the prospect warm your bed. They toss and turn, climb hugging and almost suffocated in the embrace. In short, completely deprive you of the possibility of normal sleep. As a result, she wakes up as a cucumber, and you did not even scared, when he saw in the mirror again, his eyes red from lack of sleep and swollen face.
5. Tears
Macho do not cry. Well, except that if the dice poperelomayut, or someone with a satellite dish balcony undoing. But women know that is not available to men: bring tears of relief. Big relief. On this relief hooked. Therefore, women are inveterate addicts are facilitated with an enviable constancy, that the enemy does not want. However, they cheerfully enjoy the fact that in order to calm the tears of women, stupid men are willing to go through all the circles of hell.
6. Tests in "Cosmo"
Do not disdain, and flip through like a collection of "Cosmo" his girlfriend. I assure you, the feeling will be no worse than that of Hustler. Passage of endless tests about oral sex, masturbation and menstruation for many women brings indescribable pleasure. Peasants from that, as a rule, sick. Maybe just because we clearly underestimated the level of depravity of our dear women david miller dating service married people.
7. Gays
Gays are dearly loved by many women. They are closer to them and more intuitive than the average heterosexual. They can shoot the breeze about the rags, a stylish skirts and dresses, nail polishes, lipsticks, and bath gels. In their well-groomed face can be enjoyed for hours. It can not be helped. Tolerate such beloved girlfriend - all that remains.
8. Flowers and chocolates
Men like impressive gifts. The type of home theater or a new flat screen monitor. All that is needed for women - small confirmation of love. We, the men never understand why the best proof of love is sticky chocolate bars and brooms fading colors.
9. deeper meaning
In the life of every woman there comes a point when it starts to look for the deeper meaning of what is happening. Typically, this translates into an in-depth study of feng shui, or horoscopes. No man would have to seek the meaning of life in a cheap little book, written by some crook by the name of Doe-Piatigorsky.
10. Carrie Bradshaw
It looks like the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker is the idol of all women living in big cities. She's witty, cool and impeccably dressed. No woman somehow did not notice that plus everything in her megalomania she smokes like a chimney david miller dating service married people. Nothing to say. A great example to follow.
Men against women
Our relationship with women's quirks balance between big love and wild hatred. Their wacky habits can dokanyvat you punctually, but if the woman is completely devoid of all of the above features, you can hardly so dearly and tenderly love this abnormal creature. david miller dating service married people.

How to keep a man around?
You are attractive, charming, intelligent and, even, you know where and how to find a man. But for some reason it turns out that they are with you for a long time do not stay. Want to learn how to keep a man? Then it is necessary to use some very simple, adult dating service proven by centuries of female wisdom and skill to use them in a relationship with a beloved man.
Maybe it's better to make incantations, magic, bewitching different means and other volhovaniem - there is so much right now any fortune tellers, witches and grandmothers, white, and other magicians, psychics and priests: each of them vowed that only his spell and the magic of the best effective strong and able to keep any man. Try?
Frankly, hurry with this case, it is not as safe as we often try to convince those who they do for a living, is not necessary. Be yourself powerful magician of love and wise grandmother, a sorceress and priestess of sex in the kitchen, then to your favorites or pious husband never anywhere you are not going anywhere. One need only remember a few very simple, proven by centuries of worldly wisdom and skill to apply them in its relations with the beloved. And it is yours - take it lukewarm directly with your bare hands, and do with it what you want. But carefully, wisely! The woman is great power of life and need to use it wisely. Especially in the case of seduction of men .
So what kind of rules are tricky for the wives and sweethearts, to help keep some of their skirts or dresses of any man? Kindly, explore, but be warned: do not leave them in a prominent place to read your favorite, too, and all learned adult dating service - every girl must have her little secrets and tricks for women.
To begin with, I never forget to indulge your favorite little weaknesses. As a courtesy, it is to you at no cost, but among you there will be peace and harmony, so dear to the relationship between lovers, and your union will remain inviolate.
Happily lived his life the wise granny knowingly Tip: Always go, darling, wherever your man wants! Yes, at the same time be on your mind and bring it to the end, wherever you want. Just at the same time, there are no disputes and scandals.
Psychologists say that the majority of men just sataneyut when they contradict a woman: then even the most complaisant husbands and lovers become like restive horses. Therefore, always keep a "conciliatory policy of" do not call the fire themselves for nothing. What would your husband, boyfriend or no boyfriend suggested unctuous voice said to him,
- Of course, my dear! What can be no doubt!
However, always do what you see fit. But do not do it demonstratively! Learn this, adult dating service if you want it on a step on your skirt or jeans!
With this advice closely related: Never argue with a loved man. One of the English lords once wisely observed that educated people never argue, but only exchange of views. Moreover, in a lively and heated discussion with a man, especially if he is not stupid, you still lose. Even if the last word will still be yours. So do as we advised above. Unctuous voice answers:
- Of course, my dear! - Even if you think he is a complete nonsense.
You Smarter? And thank God, use this formidable woman's secret weapon. So, we found out that you're smarter. This is wonderful! Remember how they used to say the ancient Latins: stubborn sign of the near crazy. It is about you - you can say that? No way, never. Therefore, always yield to the beloved is in the details. But always in the big win and always firmly stand up for what you have to do is vital. However, before a good think - is it really so important that it requires intransigence neophyte? If yes, then go ahead to fight: he will understand and appreciate, especially if you can explain to her husband or lover - why is it so important to you.
You know, the Italians - cunning people. Not without reason in the Apennines lives Pope, adult dating service born as philosophers, including famous Machiavelli. So, the Italians have a wonderful and very wise saying: Always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! However, not everyone, not always and not all of it. Smekaesh? It's just our case with you. Not without reason say that lies have short legs. The deception can quickly become confused, so much so that then do not get out.
And now let's remember two NEVER! The first of them: never compare her with the other man and say,
- I would marry ...
Men do not forgive, and if they forgive, the offense remember for a long time. Do you want to spoil the relationship? No? Then memorize and second NEVER - never try to deny his favorite sexual pleasures and games, even if you have no desire to have sex. And seduces him, constantly offended, as though just still going to win the man and bind to itself. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Of course, in the critical days there are difficulties, but quirky female mind and then think of something. Is not it?
What we should not forget about is that men no less than women like when they say tender words: tell your loved one that you love him, he is the most beautiful, desirable, and the best in this world. It is an ancient and totally infallible female hex, witchcraft, change back any psychics, sorcerers and attendants. Guys from him hmeleyut as wine and fall in love trance type of hypnosis. No one else but you, in life it is no longer necessary. And you were taught Instil - returns in the form of various tangible and intangible benefits will not be slow in coming. Tested for thousands of years and guaranteed. Just try.
Men love compliments , though hide it. In the East, no wonder they say: flattery is never rude! Tell him that he is the most beautiful, intelligent, strong, talented, successful, sexually attractive and so on. Says the man compliments every day or at least every other day.
Do not forget to praise her husband or lover for everything that he did. The more praise, adult dating service the more flattering and complement, the stronger the bonds that hold it.
And most importantly: do not forget to feed your vote. It is advisable to hearty and delicious. The old truth that the way to the heart - and other places, as well as the wallet man is through his stomach, and in these troubled times has not lost relevance and continue to be enrolled in your arsenal.
Be bold, bolder, with confidence in its success, and he'll come to you! adult dating service.

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