The researchers measured the length of the perfect sex
The ideal sex should last 7-13 minutes, three minutes, and even a quite "normal", the study conducted by US experts. Australian sexologist, commenting on the results, dating service noting that most men want sex lasted longer, while women prefer contrary to sexual intercourse ended quickly, according to The Australian.
This study was the first to measure the length of a perfect sex. The researchers interviewed people in the US and Canada. Contact length of 3-7 minutes respondents named "normal", all less - "too short", and sex that lasts more than 13 minutes - "too long."
The study, published in the international "Journal of Sexual Medicine", was held to dispel the myth of everyday use that healthy sex should last a very long time. US studies show that most people in the US believe that a normal sex should last 15-20 minutes dating service. However, according to various surveys typically extends sexual intercourse at least half of the time.
Study author Eric Corti from Pennsylvania said that such thoughts are the cause of "disappointment and frustration". "The fantasy of the ideal male sexuality male presented with a big dick, rock erection and the ability to have sex all night long," - he said.
Excellent gaming club Million . Exciting and perfectly beplatno. "It appears that many men and women share this fantasy. The result of this study was to create a realistic model of sexuality, helping people with various sexual disorders and dysfunctions, and in the long term - to prevent the occurrence of these disorders," - he said. dating service.

The researchers have made the image of the ideal woman
Despite the fact that the media and advertising impose their image of the ideal woman (clothing size - 40 height - 180 cm, high wages and the ability to cook dinner for a few minutes), free dating service the tastes of men is not much impact has revealed new research, says The Daily Mail.
For most men, the growth of the ideal woman should not exceed 170 cm. This is a blue-eyed blonde who is good in bed and do not earn too much. The survey, conducted among 66 thousand visitors a popular dating site found that most men dream about as buxom beauty.
Ideally, she should wear a 42th clothing size, weighing 60 kg, live alone and wearing glasses. The survey results contrast with the results of a similar study conducted on the same site for women.
The ideal man must earn a minimum of 120 thousand dollars a year, ride a Mercedes and live in a house worth 600 thousand dollars. However, 54% of men said that they would not meet with a woman who earns more than 50 thousand dollars a year.
Representatives of the stronger sex in women do not appreciate the intellect, but eccentric and cheerful disposition and positive outlook on things plays a large role. The ideal woman does not have to cook well or to get involved in the work on the house, but it should be a non-smoker and love animals.
Skills housework does not hit the Top 20 most important things in a woman, but the ability to deliver sexual pleasure was on the seventh place. Director of the dating site David Brown said: "I should add that although most men wish to improve their sex life, long-term relationship with the right woman for them also play a big role. This study shows that men are also selective in respect of women, free dating service like women in relation to men and know exactly what they want. "
The woman does not have to own a big house, but if she lives with her parents - it is repulsive factor. It should have its own car - ideally Ford Ka or the Mazda MX5 - and stupid sense of humor. Only 15% of men would agree to meet with the pessimist.
Lack of intelligence should not prevent women love fun and hiking in the restaurants. Men are not much worried about the weight of his lover, but only 20% of men would agree to meet with a woman rising higher than they. Most men prefer blondes, in second place - red. free dating service.

It was found that women are happier men
US researchers have found that women now pitied men. Modern women have more opportunities to realize themselves. But at the same time they have increased the problems the survey data show, free online dating service writes Daily Mail.
Scientists say that modern men have learned to relax more and work less, while modern women work much more than the fairer sex in the 60s.
In their study, the wife economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Volfers the University of Pennsylvania say that in 1976, 16% of men were satisfied with their lives. Today the number of happy men increased to 25%. Free classified ads
However, the number of happy women is only 22%.
According to scientists, 40 years ago, women were happier because they had less ambition. They compared themselves with others of her sex, but never equaled men.
Nowadays women have new goals in life. In addition to family and children, they want to make a career.
Researchers at the University of New Jersey found that modern men try to do less so that they do not like free online dating service. A woman besides housekeeping have to earn money.
According to the survey, in our time a woman spends 23 hours a week for a routine exercise, and a man - only 2 hours.
According to the researchers, modern women simply do not have time to do everything we planned, so often feel unsatisfied. free online dating service.

21 rule for women to that of men
Men and women think differently. It's a pity. After all men live so easy. One needs only to follow a few simple rules. The German newspaper Die Welt published an amusing list of 21 important rules on the treatment of male sex, on line dating service designed for women.
1. Please, learn to use the toilet seat: if it is raised, then do not omit it. It is convenient that it is at the top. You - the bottom. And do not blame our lack of attention. You, too, would prefer not to notice, as we grumble due to the fact that you are constantly omit seat.
2. Between Saturday and sport is an equal sign. In sports you can do, but you can - watch. This is as a natural phenomenon, like a morning sunrise. And just as regular as your critical days. Even more regular, because the sport is always dedicated to the same day. Just accept it as a reality. Classified ads real estate
3. Shopping - is NOT a sport.
4. Subtle hints do not work for us. As "fat." If you want to say something, say it right!
5. "Yes!" and "No!" - A remarkable answers to almost every question.
6. Best of all, we understand the problems that are amenable to solution. Moreover, we love to solve problems. However, if you need sympathy or your problem turned into a hobby, it is better to call a friend. Otherwise, it will be boring.
7. Headaches that lasted more than 18 months - it is a disease. Go to the doctor on line dating service.
8. All that we have said before in the past six months, to use against us can not be in dispute. Actually, all that we have said, we forget about seven days.
9. If you think that you are too fat, probably because it is. Believe me, in this situation, our honest opinion you do not need.
10. If any of our statement can be understood in two ways, and one of these options you resent, frustrating or sad, you know we mean another option.
11. If you are better than you know what to do, do not ask our opinion. It can we have another.
12. If you want, that we really listened to you, Things to keep in while the TV is on advertising.
13. Christopher Columbus did not need, someone showed him the way. US too.
14. Nature has created women's breasts to attract men's attention, so we looked at it. That's what we do.
15. We distinguish 16 colors. "Elektr'ik" - this is for us the name of the profession that women unknowingly pronounced with the wrong accent.
16. If we have something itches, we cheshem this place.
17. If we ask, "What happened?" - And we say, "No, nothing," - we agree with that on line dating service. Even if you know it's a lie.
18. Do not ask questions, the answers to which you do not want to hear.
19. If we have scheduled a joint way, all that you may wear, seem excellent, if you can do it with the task on time. Honestly.
20. Please, do not ask what we think, except if you want to talk about sex, sports or car.
21. Believe me, you have enough rags. on line dating service.

Five reasons because of which men refuse sex
Not all men suffer ginekomaniey - enhanced sexual attraction to women. While the majority of women believe that men always want sex (many studies confirm this), edmonton dating service representatives of the male in general often refuse sex with their girlfriends and wives. Surveys show that about 20 million couples in the United States live without sex. About 20% - making love at least 10 times a year.
FOX News examines five reasons why men refuse to enter into an intimate relationship. The site refers to the book "He can no longer" (He's Just Not Up for It Anymore), in which the problem is considered on the example of 4,000 men and women living in a marriage without sex. Free Classifieds Board found that couples do not just avoid direct sexual contact but refuse kisses, hugs and foreplay.
1. Ceks turned into a routine (68%) or the partner does not enjoy sex (61%) The result is a loss of interest in sex, which is not enough diversity. It's funny that men who talk about it do not notice that they themselves do not even try to somehow diversify the activities taking place in the bedroom. Instead, they blamed his partner for the lack of novelty and pleasure.
2. The wife / girlfriend is not interested in him as a sexual partner (48%) By nature, healthy men are sexy. Most of them regularly masturbate, which in itself clearly indicates a lack of desire. Just often family life, edmonton dating service giving men the stability, thereby leading to boredom.
3. He is angry with it (44%) These men believe that their partner constantly criticize, control and underestimated. In addition, they think that means nothing for his wife / girlfriend. They shout, emotionally express comments constantly dissatisfied with something. No wonder that in this war there is no place the manifestation of feelings.
4. Wife / girlfriend strongly put on weight (38%) It's funny that when a man gains weight, he does not consider himself no longer sexually attractive, but when their relationship suddenly gain weight, they no longer consider her beautiful.
5. He likes to watch porn (22%), even if the wife / girlfriend often visited a sex shop, do not scold or criticize your man, he might prefer to her outspoken view sites on the Internet. The main problem here is that the fantasies of men can replace their real sex life.
The authors also called a somewhat less popular reasons, including: impotence, edmonton dating service alcoholism or drug addiction, mental illness, sexual trauma, abstinence from sex to punish the woman, depression (his or her), taking medications that affect libido, lack of sexual desire . edmonton dating service.

The forgotten art of compliment
Say that you would be pleased to hear this morning - "Hi! How are you? "Or" Good morning! How wonderful you look today! "? Yes, the second greeting has magical properties - it helps to wake up, how to start a dating service uplifting, itself a thought: "I'm really very personal! ', And want to quickly take up the case. Without this (or similar) compliment the day would have been much sadder.
But why do we love to listen to your address and pleasant words komplimeny themselves so generous with praise ?! Because shy and timid? Or maybe we just never thought about the fact that our kind word can lift the mood of the person, to inspire, inspire? .. "There are two different approaches to the people: The first is to look at them a critical eye - perhaps it fair, but stern, this approach is indifferent. Other woven of tenderness and humor; and you can see all the flaws and shortcomings, but look at them with a smile and correct gently and with a joke on his lips. This approach is loving "- Andre Maurois wrote in his" Letters to the stranger. "
Alas, a good compliment almost disappeared from our conversation, it was replaced by platitudes and cliches ... but it can still be a forgotten art "resurrect" and learn to make the world a little kinder and brighter, and our loved ones a little happier. By the way, in the XVII century the word compliment except now known meaning of "oral or written praise, testimony of courtesy, chivalry" was another - "bow greeting." Indeed, in those days it greeting was not possible without any bow or without praise.
Wrong are those who think that the nice words never speaks from the heart how to start a dating service. Nothing of the sort: the only one who is not indifferent to his companion, refers to it with interest and warmth, can make a real compliment. Try to take a look at those around you carefully - and except for "flaws and shortcomings," you are bound to see any man and any woman's dignity and lovely, unique features. About them, then you need to talk! Especially appropriate to speak compliments dating evenings .
At the same time remember that a compliment should be brief, necessarily friendly, original, otherwise it will lose all its charm and would even unpleasant. It's - an amazing ability to find an elegant form of words to sincere praise. Pleasant words a man as valuable as a woman. Therefore, keep in mind that to seduce a man can and words.
But what if something nice person wants to say, and determined not to miss? Psychologists have come up with a good way to deal with shyness. Try mentally throughout the day to pay compliments to everyone he meets, while respecting all the rules - to find in them something that is worthy of praise, to say honestly, carefully selected words and comparisons. Mentally say nice words and komplimeny girl and man. You suddenly notice what became attentive to the people, like you open them again how to start a dating service. And it can not be silent!
In conclusion, once again remind simple rules: to pay compliments,
Х Be sincere and truthful,
Х refer to the person by name, looking into his eyes,
Х And do not forget that the words and the tone should correspond to the occasion. how to start a dating service.

Arguments sex life
Once we were taught that human sexual function is only for reproduction of their kind, married discreet dating service both among animals. In fact, it is deeply misleading or likely to Puritan morality of our medieval ancestors.
But today we have to know that the sexual life of men and women is the most important and perhaps the only rod that holds them together in marriage (the second rod - the spiritual superstructure - is love). If someone else says, do not believe - it is spoken by people with a weak sexual constitution, who were themselves unhappy in marriage and love all measure on its own.
It so happened that on many vital issues in the absence of experience or knowledge of a person compares himself: "Here am I, and all others should be so. And if they are not, either underdeveloped or sick, or something else. " A "no such" always despised and cast out of society. The man is individual and society, humanity as a whole is multifaceted, has a very diverse characteristics.
No exception is Sex and the ability of men and women. Especially about sex we started talking recently - 20 years ago, that by the standards of the time human life is a negligible amount.
But it was not always. According to historians, one of the oldest sciences - philosophy at the beginning of its formation on gender relations has paid 95% of their attention and only 5% - Study of the surrounding world. The Middle Ages is a taboo to cover the sexual life of a person (although the sex life, of course, did not stop).
But in the last 30 years after the sexual revolution of the intimate life and relations in the world of books and articles written by more than in all previous human history. And how to set of statistics, teens and young men aged 12 to 19 years old think about sex every 5 minutes (obviously, at the time when they do something about thinking) married discreet dating service. And only after 40 years during the recurrence of such thoughts in men increased to half an hour.
What is the importance of sex for a man? Besides the already mentioned fertility (only one of the 288 sexual intercourse leading to conception) and a number of physiological processes involved in maintaining order in fertility (the remaining 277 out of the 288 sexual intercourse), sexual life of a man performing a number of socially significant functions, and a man holding a woman together. Wherein:
- Man protects the woman during fetal gestation her children;
- Man assisting a woman during her child-feeding;
- Man conveys his experience sons;
- Man replaces the child's mother in the event of death or disability;
- People tend to live in groups, which makes it possible to work together to survive;
-People communicate with each other, our site offers a video porn videos with mature blonde. that allows us to develop and accumulate knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, means of production, the results of labor, etc.
The above arguments in favor of a joint life of men and women is very strong. But in spite of the so-called sexual revolution of the past 30 years, a huge number of films and literature covering the sexual life of a person, only the number of divorces increased. In countries such as Britain, France and Germany, the number of divorces in recent years amounted to 30-40%, and in the Ukraine and the United States - reached half of all marriages. At the same repetitive marriages in Ukraine come to 95% of men and only 38% of women. A lot of reasons not to allow women to remarry.
The list of causes of divorce is big enough, but in 43% of cases referred to the main sexual disharmony spouses. A large number of breaks the marital relationship happens because of the betrayal of his wife or a husband married discreet dating service. What is interesting, in eight out of ten cases of divorce initiated by women.
Despite the opening theme of relations in recent decades, and a lot of sources of information about sex, real knowledge of men and women on this topic are obvious gaps. This is understandable, since the topic during the sexual revolution was rather a commercial connotation, rather than scientific. And if you remember the mass of erotic films, apart from the effect of entertainment, they do not have even a hint at the utility to address the above issues. Moreover, through these films only brighten problems, which led to an increase in adultery and divorce.
So what's the deal? What are the gaps in human knowledge about his personal life? The study of this question indicated that important gaps in knowledge about sexual relationships is the lack of full information on the sexual constitution of man and its great role in the formation of harmonious relations between man and woman. Even the newest collections that claim to encyclopedic coverage of sexual life, somehow dropped the subject. Therefore, people still have to rely on your sexual experience, tips for friends on the intuition or the case.
It should also be noted that in nature there are no purely functional relationships, and there is a correlation. Therefore, usually, the identified patterns are valid for about 90% of cases. married discreet dating service.

18 facts about kissing
1. Kiss drives 29 (some sources - 34) of the facial muscles: this training is an excellent prevention of wrinkles.
2. Kissing, lovers pass each other complex substances (fats, salts, proteins), free christian dating service which according to recent data, enhances immunity.
3. 66 percent of people close their eyes during the kiss of love. The rest is a pleasure to watch the actions of the partner.
4. According to US statistics, before you get married, the woman kisses with about 80 men.
5. Romantic kiss burns about two or three calories, French kiss - by five or more.
6. burn 26 calories per minute kiss.
7. Sensitivity lip 200 times higher than that of the fingers.
8. Men who kiss their wives before leaving for work, live five years longer.
9. A passionate kiss lasting 90 seconds, increases blood pressure, pulse, and blood hormone levels that, according to recent data, reducing life by one minute.
10. 28 January 2002 Americans Almodovar Louise and Rich Langley won the competition for the longest kiss, which lasted 30 hours 59 minutes and 27 seconds.
11. In their homeland the famous French kiss is called a "fusion of souls" - a kiss involved not only lips, but also the language. Not wanting to rest on our laurels, sensual French invented the second version of this magical kiss when it involves only the languages.
12. Kissing the inhabitants of the Far North - is more than just rubbing noses. Adjoined olfactory organs, the Eskimos to unclench his lips while doing breath, then exhale, compressing his lips. Enjoy the aroma of each other, love nose pressed to the cheek as a partner and freeze for a moment longer.
13. In Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea are not made to kiss for all to see. Moreover, it seems that the Japanese ceremony kiss invented specifically for the edification of the Europeans: it is the most similar to the kiss the two pioneers of the late '70s. For example, the Japanese two to kiss, you stand facing your partner to "pioneer" the distance to bend (to attention!), And for a split second to touch the lips of each other. And that, free christian dating service against the background too "adult" fondling it may even seem intriguing! Web Studio
14. During a kiss the body produces a substance in its narcotic effect 200 times greater than morphine - kissing fills a sense of joy, delight and happiness.
15. Many men perceive a kiss as a compliment . And some men can accept with gratitude for the compliment, even a kiss.
16. Women are the kiss helps to relax and reduce stress.
17. The average person spends 20,160 minutes (or two weeks) of his life on kissing.
18. 50 percent of the people first kiss before reaching the age of 14. It burns 26 calories per minute kiss. free christian dating service.

How do I know that a man is interested?
It is known that men and women enjoy a whole range of gestures in courtship. Most gestures is done unconsciously, purely reflex online dating service. The success of the meeting and future romantic relationships with the opposite sex depends on how you are able to send signals to the delicate courtship and correctly identify the ones that were sent to you.
Raised eyebrows. When we encounter an attractive object for us human, our eyebrows reflexively begin to rise and fall. If the object feels reciprocal sympathy, his eyebrows are also beginning to shake up and down. This movement takes about one-fifth of a second, but it happens everywhere and always, at any age, any gender representative. The fact that the raised eyebrow reviews the eyes large, and the eyes - brighter, more attractive and open. This "shooting" eyes easily escapes from the eyes, but if it is to catch warranty sympathy to you one hundred percent. But if the intention to extend the period of the "shot" even one second, then lovely object you are more likely to get your "message".
Parted lips. If you liked the other person, his / her lips slightly open automatically at the moment when you meet , look.
Slightly expanded nostrils. Raised eyebrows, parted lips and dilated nostrils - within reasonable limits - give the face an open friendly expression. In the excited state, and indicates the appearance of blush on the cheeks. Clearly, if you met a subject with bulging eyes, slack jaw and nostrils, it's not good. But if a man hears a woman with smooth brow and calm, almost closed eyes, it is also a bad sign: most likely, he was bored online dating service.
At attention. It is understood that the man is right, he straightened his shoulders, drawing the belly, then he tries to show itself in all its glory. If he leans forward to listen to the woman, it is doubly good. The most fun photo online entertainment
Feet shoulder width apart. This is not a bad education, a sign of sexual affection. And it does not depend on whether a person is sitting or standing. Men often strive to sit down, legs wide apart: so they often show a lady that he's got to offer her. Well, if it has put on at this moment trousers or jeans! Conversely, a woman who takes a defensive stance on sexual desires men compress or cross-legged.
Play with the clothing. For men, this means as amended tie with a secret prayer that you will notice the movement. Yet he can smooth the hair, straighten his jacket, check the location lapels. But when the man playing with the buttons on his jacket, probably, he was nervous and at the same time demonstrates the subconscious desire to strip for you. The next step - taking off his jacket and placing hands on hips. If a man has done all this, so he already sees your shoes under his bed.
Playing with hair. To show his sympathy, she makes a move his head to tilt the hair off the face, especially if they are long. Also to lure it can simply hand recline hair. The same signal is sent and licking the lips. By the way, men also love to primp: the woman never gives trouble to count how many times a man in a conversation with her smooth or vice versa, bristle their hair online dating service.
Voyeurism. Man frankly makes it clear that he considers the figure of a woman, her clothes, dress or skirt, stopping view of the prettiest parts. Ladies, do not flatter yourself: he was automatically scanned your figure the first second I saw you. Now it is important to let you know that he regards you as a sexual partner.
Crossing the legs. If you wear shoes interlocutor pointing in your direction, he / she is definitely interested in your person. Directing the bent knee to the side of the person to whom you are showing increased interest, you hereby demonstrate freedom of communication. Especially seductive pose, when a woman sits with both feet tucked under him, and bared knees: this is the strongest evidence that she invites a man to take more decisive action.
Playing with the cylindrical objects. As a man and a woman in an excited state will definitely find a glass or cup, but at least even a fork to stroke, rub it with your fingers. Men are cylindrically shaped objects resemble ladies chest, women - a subject of special pride of men. The wrist of a woman has always been considered one of the erogenous zones. When a woman is interested in a man, she will try to keep the hands and wrists in his field of vision.
Touching the face. If the other party is interested, he would often touch his chin, ears and cheeks. This does not mean, as many believe, that a person unconsciously fixes lie. This combination of nervous and autoerotic actions. When we like someone, our skin on the lips and lower face becomes very sensitive to stimulation. If you smoke, you inhale a little more often. If you drink, you will make more sips. You touch the lips, you like it, also alludes to another person, that a kiss is not far off.
The steering arm. If you support a man's arm or shoulder, it's a good sign. Firstly, it is a polite way to guide you through the crowd. Secondly, because it makes sure that you do not lose. Thirdly, this will frighten off other invaders on you, because you already have a man around. Plus a lot of random touches ... In short, it is a positive gesture.
It offers you a sweater or coat. Few men will be happy, if she comes back from the meeting in someone's jacket. Even without it, she would have died of hypothermia. Men give their jacket or sweater, because it protects, online dating service sexy and possessive gesture. He says, "What's mine is yours" (and vice versa). First, this thing smells it, then it will smell you. And finally, he has a reason to declare on your horizon again - if only to pick up his property.
Men and women, wherever they are - in a circle of friends or in a public place in a cafe, bar, club, - unconsciously demonstrate their attitude to the opposite sex. And the romance between a man and a woman depends on the first meeting , and how they were able to read haroshy signals to each other. online dating service.

Fair lingerie can never be a lot ..
If you live with a man, if you're going to live with a man, if you want to meet a man , if you go to a party or a club you will have a meeting with a man - ruthlessly discard all elongated, ugly, talking, swedish dating service faded clothes. Do not skimp on underwear - it's a great trump card that each of the women can extract any number of times and will always be a winner!
To win the man a real woman should exude confidence in the inviolability of its beauty and strength of his charm. Without beautiful lingerie can not do! And needless to say that the emergence of a new dress or a skirt, of course, requires new clothes and under them. It is always nice to be in all new! The absolute truth: "Beautiful women's underwear - a luxury essentials!"
Today, a naked woman is difficult to surprise even the child. Man craves excitement and seduction. So much more interesting when the women have something to hide. Forbidden fruit is always sweet. You know how to seduce a man - in this issue is the primary role given to sexual underwear.
Beautiful lingerie can definitely set the mood of the winner! And this adds mood sexy woman, attracts men contributes to new acquaintances . And yet, beautiful lingerie - it's like a beloved man who a day you touch. Say, you could allow you came close man, you do not like or tired?
Psychologists say: "The woman in beautiful underwear (even if no one sees it) feels more confident, swedish dating service more relaxed, and this state is reflected in her gait, posture, eyes, facial expressions, thereby increasing its attractiveness to the opposite sex." Swim in lingerie galore - Pink dream of every woman, especially felt the linen horrors of the Soviet era.
Most beautiful underwear for women has almost miraculous properties - heals old wounds, raising the mood. Many women in times of crisis, such as during a divorce, be sure to buy yourself something of fashion underwear, and it became easier. A woman dressed in beautiful sexy lingerie to any party in a club or disco feel more confident. After a successful dating in Moscow Sheath good mood and confidence. And with a close encounter with a man excites his sexual appetite and desire. In short it is a gift for body and soul.
A woman with no clothes on at all intrigues and excites a man less than the woman in beautiful lingerie. Sometimes, in order to seduce a man should be very little: a girl in stockings, lace or satin excite the imagination of man, making him invisible dorisovyvat details of a woman's body, and it gets a lot more than the direct contemplation of naked female charms.
Lacy underwear just instantly ignites the imagination of men, bringing them to a boil. And if you feel that he is about to go smoke from the ears, the better to remove your lace panties themselves. Otherwise, you can then collect their pieces across the bedroom.
Want even as a lawful spouse save seduction? Then, without the chic wardrobe of underwear you can not do! Beautiful underwear - it's like cosmetics or hair. You always want to change to something better. If you do not know what kind of underwear like your man, take the catalog of lingerie or fashion magazine, look at it together, pay attention to what kind of underwear interested him. And then it's up to you - at your disposal a large number of fashion lingerie stores, swedish dating service not to mention the online lingerie store. Beautiful lingerie there to be confident that delivers unsurpassed man in this world delight and pleasure.
Underwear partly ceased to be lower and become an independent part of the women's restroom. When the transparent outerwear - linen admire the surrounding, in other cases, nothing can replace the feeling of self-elegance, even if it is not visible to others.
Lingerie creates an image, the image dictates the behavior, the behavior obliges to manners, manners make the man. Even not very new dress or skirt will not spoil our mood, if by them we are clothed in something so wonderful, that ecstasy causes men have only one photo. Do not embarrass yourself, even if your figure is not ideal. Man, if he already loves you, love is your body, your chest, your legs and hips. And he was pleased that you are dressing for themselves - and dress for it! swedish dating service.

Hypnotic technique compliments
We compliment girls. To pay compliments to men. We say what motivates us, our hearts beating and movements of the soul. But - especially secret ways. And now I will tell you what kind of ways, dating service two of us such as to use them and why they work flawlessly.
How do you do it?
Let's start with a simple compliment. That this method you one hundred percent often see in advertisements. Its meaning is to ensure that the person is asked - and as he gets to always be the way it is?
For example, one girl says advertising other advertising girl - Listen, you've got so good at cooking - share a secret! What a girl who just said such a compliment, says it's all about - in some kind of pan or special sauces. In advertising it right, because if the secret is in the man himself, and it is not necessary to buy any pot or sauce.
But in the life of a secret, it is desirable to correlate directly with the man himself, and let it begin "excuses" for all his fine qualities. Suppose she explains why she is so wonderful! You are in pole position, as a compliment to the narrative you have changed on the question, and sincere attitude - a sincere interest. Compliments help dating and flirting dating service two of us.
Very often this vantage point not only for you but also for the person to whom you say it, because in the frontal compliments to respond is also quite difficult. A person can go so far as all - looking good, stylish dress, fine dancing at a party at the club , skillfully performed the work, be charming and attractive, and so on and so forth.
I need your advice
This is - a good way to attract the nice man. Men swell with pride when their recognized competence in any matter or emphasize their particular understanding of the mind and life. Beautiful words are on everyone.
Ask him for advice: what to do in a difficult situation for you? The situation you can think of, not necessarily offer this. Explain to him in the context of the conversation, why you chose it and why it appealed to him for advice. And with the help of such a diversion, you can tell him a compliment, all that your heart desires. "Misha (Vanya, Dima, Andrew), you - as the most intelligent, - surely help me to understand a question, and I think that nobody is better than you can not do - and here I need your advice, your experience and your ability to properly look at things ... "
How are you?
An excellent opportunity to tell the person what you think of it, without making it straightforward - to include it in some of your precious emotions that make you feel better and your heart is filled with the energy of the day. "Everything is good, the mood is excellent, the sun is shining, soon spring, warm, look good, very good to see you, I feel great, everything is just great!" Very funny this technique, similar to a roller coaster.
There is another version of it - more complex, but also more efficient. In it you have to offer the other party to become a full participant in observing the world around them, which causes your admiration and delight. And to the question: "How are you?" Can be answered like this: "Oh, oh, my business look great - look, the sun is shining (all accompanied by a slight pointing gesture), the sky is clear, warm and comfortable, you look great - just the eyes rejoices the fresh air, good mood, I want to do something useful and interesting, and you have any plans for today? "... Note that in the first of the two proposed techniques it is best to talk at a rapid pace, and in the second - much slower, more gradual and measured. You like to offer the other party to see from the positive side of the world, where he would be one of those parties.
Technology love quotes
Describing the film, telling a book or just an interesting story, you can change some form of your storytelling and talking about the heroes of the story or the action is not in the third person, as it is accepted ("... and then he tells her that she is beautiful, she is the best and he loves it ... "), and the second:" And he said to her: you're beautiful, you're the best, and I love you very much ... ", weaving, so your story in the most intricate compliments here in this disguised form. The fact is that our subconscious mind (unlike the consciousness) takes a similar text literally, and do absolutely nothing with it can not be! In the form of text, it certainly does not work, but when you recite aloud some history - machinery work! Beautiful words and compliments women perceive particularly good dating service two of us.
Of course, this does not mean that the person to whom you tell a similar story, immediately respond to you return feeling and threw it on the neck. But this means that you can now speak to man what you want to tell him to be sure that he will hear, and know that his (her) unconscious mind will definitely take it personally.
What's in a name?
Well, this technique is a compliment - is pure hypnosis. Do you want to get a little hypnotists? Before you tell a man something important, call it by name! When a person hears his name, his attention to what you say, increases several times! And if we combine it with the technique of "How are you?", We get the following text: "Oh-oh, my business look great - look, the sun is shining, the sky is clear, warm and cozy, that Natasha (Lena, Marina , Julia) looks great - just the eyes rejoices, and the air is fresh and in a good mood, and I want to do something useful and interesting, and you have any plans for today? .. "
Note the paradox - we are talking about a man who looks into the eyes, as if we were talking to a three-year child. "Ivan is the most beautiful, Vanya looks good," not - "You are the most beautiful and look good." At the same time included two complex psychological program - orienting reflex at the level of the second signal system (human speech) and the so-called age regression, when a person is in the child's situation. Agree that the child somehow very easy to say the words of the most forested, and everyone always do it with great pleasure.
Let me say that I will never tell you!
An interesting way to tell a person everything that you want him to say, and then to emphasize that you do not say. This technique, incidentally, is actively used Kashpirovskiy in their mass hypnosis.
"And I will not talk about what you need to relax, and that your breathing becomes smooth and your body relaxes and you more and more immersed in a trance. And I will not talk about it now. Advise protein bars I will not say in the future. "
Here, roughly, so says our well-known former hypnotist. And the results of this, you know for sure.
Accordingly, you may well try and work out exactly the same way: "Of course, I'd like to tell you that I like you, and I am very glad to see you, but I am so timid and indecisive, that I could not utter a single word."
Just imagine the situation: a psychologist sits back in his chair psychological and patient in front of him, the psychologist and the patient very much, but he was at work and feel a sense of academic and professional addition to his patients he was very recommended, so it says something like:
"... You know - do not misunderstand me - I have no right to say this and I can not say that I truly admire you, and that you - the most beautiful of all the people that I have ever ever met in this world. You - the most beautiful girl, charming, delightful and lovely woman, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to be with you and hear you, and look at you and think about all that I can not be spoken aloud all these words all my feelings, all the warmth and the happiness that I feel and that fills my heart. And I tell you this because I realize my responsibility and I want to tell you that I'm not allowed to say it, and I can not say it all right now, no matter how much I desperately did not want to ... "
I am aware that given me ways to create compliments really not always easy, dating service two of us and careless, they require some measured words and want you to remember - life is a lot like a game, and when we play, we learn quite serious things and we can make responsible solutions.
Much to learn whether a child who does not play games, and do not feel admiration and delight from the process of the game ?! And no one can accuse him of what he was doing frivolous affair, because the game - it is the most serious and responsible thing in our lives. And if you realize that you are playing, if you understand that you are playing, and if you know - what you play and aspire to what purpose - that all you get, everything will be fine and you will be able to achieve the most remarkable results! So play to your health!
And good luck to you in this interesting and useful business! dating service two of us.

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